Tyler’s 2018 NFL Mock Draft

Tyler’s 2018 NFL Mock Draft

2 Round 2018 NFL Mock Draft: Updated 11/07/2017

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1.   Cleveland-Mason Rudolph, QB, Oklahoma St.

Darnold stays in school, leaving Rudolph as the top option for Cleveland.  It doesn’t seem like Kizer has what it takes, and Cleveland absolutely can’t go without a franchise QB any longer.  Rudolph is a spread option QB, but shows a ton of moxie, a strong arm, and has intelligent football acumen.

2. San Francisco-Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA

Shanahan is a QB guru, so why go out and pay a 30 yr old Cousins elite money?  Could Beathard develop and be efficient?  These are big questions, but Rosen is a great option if these questions are answered no.  Rosen is a big arm and big play type of QB.  He’s a schematic fit for the Niners, and will have a more local variety to their franchise QB.

3.NY Giants-Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming

The Giants don’t need a rebuild at all, but they do need a new coach and GM.  This O line has struggled, the linebackers have struggled, and the RB’s have struggled.  The expensive Eli needs to be released and make way for a successor.  Allen is surrounded by youth on a poor team.  Yet he still displays an elite arm and stout frame.  He’s a great fit for the New Jersey winds and winters.




4.  Chicago-Derwin James, S, Florida St.

Chicago has some of the worst safety play in the league.  If a future pro bowler like James is available, Chicago can’t pass up.  James is an in the box safety who delivers huge blows, but still shows the range and athleticism to cover.

5. LA Chargers-Ryan Finley, QB, N.C. State

Rivers could retire at any time.  With a few good chips in place already, and a couple of healthy additions to the O line, the Bolts will be a much better team in 2018.  Even if Rivers stays, the Chargers need an heir.  Finley is a bit of a wild card, but is much more NFL ready than any QB left on this list.

6. NY Jets-Saquon Barkley, RB, Penn St

The Giants will be able to get two franchise QB’s over a span of nearly 15 years before the Jets get one.  This could change towards the end of the year, but the Jets look very serviceable.  Why not get an elite talent at running back and chase a Cousins or Bortles?  Barkley is the type of talent that will win at least a game or two on his own.  This will buy the Jets more time to find or develop a QB, but they should probably just toss the back at Cousins.




7. Tampa Bay-Christian Wilkins, DT, Clemson

Easily the best player available, Wilkins will make a huge impact on the interior of the D line.  Tampa fans are banging the table for an edge rusher, but Wilkins paired with McCoy is just as dangerous as selecting any edge rusher in this draft

8. Cincinnati-Mike McGlinchey, T, Notre Dame

With better prospects on the board, Cincy has not choice but to reach a little on McGlinchey.  This O line is horrid, so bad it may cost Lewis his job.  McGlinchey will probably never be elite, but will be a solid blocker on the line for the next 15 years

9. Indianapolis-Connor Williams, T, Texas

Luck needs to have a steady O line.  Williams is a plug and play left tackle, allowing Castonzo to move to the right side.  With the two bookends in place, a developing Kelly at C, and a very solid Mewhort at G, Indy will have the  best line they’ve seen in ages.

10. Baltimore-Harold Landry, LB, Boston College

Their isn’t a game changing receiver in this draft so Ozzie will go back to his hoarding ways.  Landry is probably a top 5 talent, so fans can’t get too upset with this pick.  Landry is a Khalil Mack like rusher from the edge and could bring an a elite presence back to this defense.  

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