2017 NFL Power Rankings Week 7

This year we started the season thinking New England was going to be at the top of the list all year round and maybe go undefeated all year… with that said that hasn’t been the case and the Jets even gave them a run for their money. If I were placing a bet for the NFL season I would still predict that the Patriots most likely make the Championship game if not the Super Bowl.

NFL Power Rankings:


1. Kansas City Chiefs: While the Chiefs may not be the biggest power house in any one position they have a very good running game and Alex Smith has been lighting it up this year. Additionally, their defense has been great as well.

2. Philadelphia Eagles: Carson Wentz and the Philly defense have both looked really good recently. They could make a run at the Super Bowl if they keep playing this well.

3. Carolina Panthers: I know this may be a little bit of a surprise for the Panthers to be 3rd but I believe that Cam Newton is only going to get better along with the Panthers Defense.

4. New England Patriots: The Patriots are going to continue to get better as the year comes to a close like they do every year. I assume week in and out they will move up in this power ranking.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers: While they have had their struggles they have a ton of talent and like the Pats will continue to get better.

6.  Atlanta Falcons: They laid an egg this week but they are to talented to not continue to win games week in and week out. Matt Ryan can’t continue to play this average and I think they will continue to improve.

7. Seattle Seahawks: The Hawks have a good run game and Russell Wilson which can lead to wins week in and week out. If their defense goes back to anywhere near it’s previous form they will be a contender.

8. Los Angeles Rams: While this seem really high for the Rams they have played extremely surprisingly well this year.  With Gurley and their defense they could continue to win games.

9. Washington Redskins: The Skins schedule is a little rough moving forward but they are playoff contender.

10. Houston Texans: The Texans look to be the favorite to win the division right now with the way Deshaun Watson has been playing. However, he could end up having a little bit of a letdown due to losing big pieces on defense along with defenses starting to figure him out.

11. Denver Broncos: The Broncos one week look like a big time contender and then they follow it up by laying an egg. They are a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde team but if they could be consistent they could be very good.

12. Minnesota Vikings: Who knows who their QB will be from now moving forward…but their defense and run game is enough to put them in the top 15 of this list.

13. New Orleans Saints: With Drew Brees and their defense finally showing some potential this team has looked good of late.

14. Dallas Cowboys: The Cowboys haven’t lived up to the hype but they are still a good team with a good offensive line.

15. Detroit Lions: The Lions have a good run game and Stafford has been pretty good this year. They have some good defensive players as well to get pressure on the opposing QB’s.

16. Tennessee Titans: If Mariota was healthy last week the Titans would most likely be 4-2 but they aren’t due to the poor QB play. If they can improve their defense a little bit and keep their QB healthy with their schedule they will definitely fight for the AFC South winner.

17. Oakland Raiders: If Cooper can finally catch the ball and Carr can stay healthy this team has the potential to be very good.

18. Arizona Cardinals: Good defense with a veteran QB can lead to a lot of wins.

19. Jacksonsville Jaguars: They have one of the best up and coming defenses in the NFL. In another year it could be the best in the NFL. However, their QB play is the big questions mark.

20. Buffalo Bills: I see the Bills losing a step in the next couple of weeks like they seem to do every year.

21. Green Bay Packers: I hate to put the Packers this low in my Power Rankings. But with Aaron Rodgers out for most likely the entire season they are most likely going to miss a lot of winnable games.

22. Cincinnati Bengals: A lot of talent with average play so far this year.

23. Los Angeles Chargers. They have started very slow but they have the veteran leadership and defensive play makers to make a late run.

24. Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens haven’t looked very good this year and I could see them continuing to lose games.

25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: If Winston is out for a period of time that could be very bad for their season. If he plays and plays at the level he is capable of they can be division winners.

26. New York Jets: The projection was that they were coming into the season to lose every game… well they gave NE a scare this last week and have been having a pretty good season.

27. Chicago Bears: The Rookie QB and their defense has been better than predicted.

28. Indianapolis Colts: Jacoby has been good and with Andrew Luck coming back they could start winning games.

29. New York Giants: I would have had them potentially lower but the way they played this last week they could start winning more and more games.

30. Miami Dolphins: The Dolphins have won a couple games but their team isn’t playing very well and they most likely will finish toward the bottom of the pack this year.

31.  San Francisco 49ers: The 9ers have some potential but this year isn’t looking promising for them.

32.  Cleveland Browns: If you don’t have a QB you aren’t going to win many games. The Browns don’t have many QB’s.


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