Tyler’s 2018 NFL Mock Draft | 11-21

Tyler’s 2018 NFL Mock Draft

2018 NFL Mock Draft | 11-21

11. Miami-Minkah Fitzpatrick, CB, Alabama-Fitzpatrick is widely known as one of the most elite safeties in college football, but he could easily be THE most elite corner in college football.  Miami needs secondary help, and one day, Fitzpatrick could be their starting safety.  As a corner, he’s easily the best on the roster and has the size to shut down any receiver.

12. Oakland-Derrius Guice, RB, LSU-This is a young and impressionable team, Lynch needs to go. Although a stellar back, he’s too volatile to be a locker room that already has grumblings from the O line and receiver corp.  Guice is a three down back that can turn yards into miles. 

13. Tennessee-Arden Key, LB, LSU-Key is definitely one of the most fierce pass rushers in college football.  However, he’s a little on the skinny side and will need a very solid combine to show his strength and speed.  As an edge rusher in a 34, Key can be very dominant as he contorts around the edge and using his 6’6” length to disrupt the QB.




14.  Jacksonville-Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville-Jacksonville will be best served chasing down Cousins or Eli Manning, but they’re so down on Bortles, they may take a shot at Jackson.  He’s young, he’s vibrant, and has a big arm.  Jackson is a smart kid who will grow with this team. 

15. Dallas-James Washington, WR, Oklahoma St.-There are upgrades to be had, but why not nab another elite receiver.  Washington has big game capability, unlike any other receiver other than Dez Bryant.  Having two great receivers will really open up Prescott and the run game.

16. Buffalo-Deon Cain, WR, Clemson-Cain is another solid wideout, with speed, that possesses big play capability.  Buffalo lacks a true #1 and Cain could very will light up opposing defenses on day 1. 

17. Green Bay-Dorance Armstrong, LB, Kansas-Once again the Green Bay defense is less than average.  Once again they’ll go best player available.  In this case it’s a big win for Green Bay.  Armstrong is a force off the edge, hopefully bolstering this inactive pass rush..




18. Detroit-Maurice Hurst, DT, Michigan-Detroit also goes best player available, at this point, it may not be Hurst, but he’ll be in the conversation.  Hurst really lit up the scene this year as a great gap attacker.  Detroit is really needing to shore up the interior of their line as they keep shifting guys off and on from the practice squad. 

19. New Orleans-Tony Jefferson, LB, Texas-The Saints defense always needs another shot in the arm.  They’ve brought in so many cast away linebackers, it’s a wonder they haven’t tried to talk Lawrence Taylor out of retirement.  Jefferson can play in or outside.  In this case, he leads the charge as an ILB, setting the tone for the Saints defense. 

20. Cleveland(via Houston)-Tarvarus McFadden, CB, Florida St.-McFadden is easily a top 15 pick, so this would be a no brainer for Cleveland.  McFadden certainly has his weak points, but you can’t coach size and speed, which McFadden has volumes of.

21. Arizona-Courtland Sutton, WR, SMU-Fitzgerald is a living legend, but the Cards need a true #1 receiver in the making.  Sutton is a smart, sure handed receiver, with great hands, and a better attitude.  Much like Corey Davis last year, he’s a productive guy with a tremendous skill set.

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