Tyler’s 2018 NFL Mock Draft | 11-21

Tyler’s 2018 NFL Mock Draft

2018 NFL Mock Draft | 11-21

11. Miami-Quenton Nelson, G, Notre Dame

How good can Miami be with a decent O line?
Tannenhill certainly played well before injury. The Fins have certainly missed on a few lineman
over the years, but none come with more of a guarantee than Nelson.

12. Cincinnati-Mike McGlinchey, T, Notre Dame

If he lasts this long, it’s a no brainer for Cincy.
Many prefer Brown or Williams for their upside, but it’s McGlinchey that is the most solid
choice. Sure, he will not be an Orlando Pace, but he’s a sure bet that will be the left tackle for
the next 15 years.

13. Washington-Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville

It just doesn’t seem like Washington is concerned
with keeping Cousins. Presumably, Cousins will walk. Will Gruden and company chase
Bradford, Tyrod, or even Foles? With TE’s and WR’s that can get vertical, maybe the Skins go for
a versatile gun slinger like Jackson. If Cousins stays, look for this pick to be Vita Vea.




14. Green Bay-Courtland Sutton, WR, SMU

Whether it’s Ridley, Kirk, or Sutton, WR is the best talent
available at pick 14. Sutton stands out because not only does he have the size, he shows great
quickness. His hands are flawless, and he will be a reliable target. Jordy is aging, Cobb could be
out, Allison/Janis are free agents. Sutton becomes a legit weapon, the heir apparent to Jordy,
and Montgomery also comes back to the receiving corps with Adams.

15. Arizona-Mason Rudolph, QB, Oklahoma St.

This pick only happens if DeFilippo becomes the OC,
as he will coach a scheme that turned Foles into a productive QB again, and Alex Smith/Carson
Wentz into stars. Rudolph has issues with progressions, is raw under center, and doesn’t throw

an overly impressive deep ball. However, he’s a gamer. Rudolph can lead, be student of the
game, and be a great fit in a west coast scheme.

16. Baltimore-Calvin Ridley, WR, Alabama

Naturally, Newsome will grab an Alabama player. Ridley
has concerns. He takes his eyes off the ball, loses focus, and lacks muscle mass. However,
Ridley is tremendous at creating separation, and is a NFL ready route runner .

17. LA Chargers-Vita Vea, DT, Washington

Vea is mountain in the middle of the line. What makes
him special is at over 330 lbs, Vea can penetrate the gaps and hunt down the QB. Many feel
he’s a top 10 talent, but a lack of need will send him sliding. Liuget hasn’t done much and
Mebane is aging rapidly.




18. Seattle-Will Hernandez, G, UTEP

Hernandez has looked unstoppable at Senior Bowl practices.
An aggressive force in the run game, Hernandez is agile enough to pass block and block in a zone
scheme. Seattle needs something to open up holes, and Hernandez is likely to be similar to
Mike Iupati in his younger years.

19. Dallas-Christian Kirk, WR, Texas A and M

Whether or not WR is a need for the team, it’s a need
for Prescott. Rumors remain that Dez will be gone. Though Kirk isn’t a legit #1, he’s a true
weapon that can take the top off of a defense. Maybe a playmaker like Kirk will be just the key
to get heat off of Bryant and allow for more looks.

20. Detroit-Sam Hubbard, DE, Ohio St.

Will Detroit maintain the best player available philosophy?
Hubbard represents a huge need for Detroit, especially is Ansah picks up and leaves. Hubbard’s
play was hit or miss, but he’s chalk full of talent, and it he put it on display at the Cotton Bowl.

21. Buffalo-Josh Jackson, CB, Iowa

This may be very low for Jackson, as he is a phenomenal athlete.
In the long run, Jackson lacks elite speed, and is really only a one year wonder. One thing
Jackson can do is react to the ball. Whether he’s beaten by a receiver, or sifting through
blockers, Jackson closes to the ball quickly to minimize damage.

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