NFL Draft Demands for a better Student Athlete

Top Prospect of the NFL Draft Demands for a Better Experience for Student-Athletes

Josh Rosen of UCLA is considered to be among the best quarterbacks as far as college football is concerned. However, this does not mean that he is supportive of the lifestyle of being an athlete and also a student. These kind of developments are bound to affect NFL betting lines this season.

Josh, in a recent interview with Bleacher Report’s Matt Hayes provided a few insightful comments. This is in regard to balancing academics and football. Rosen believes that there are some aspects of the life of a student-athlete that are not fair to players, especially those whose ambition surpass the NFL. Such aspects include highly compressed schedules as well as a lack of compensation. Josh is of the belief that having numerous players whose focus in not on academics builds an environment which does not value school.

Josh Rosen mentions that there are players who have no interest at all in school but just attend it because it is the route needed to get to the NFL. He continued to say that there is also a part that wants to increase the SAT eligibility requirements of joining the NFL. He thinks that this will lose good athletes and eventually will affect the product on the field negatively.

The early graduations of NFL players such as Deshaun Watson were dismissed by Rosen. Watson took 3 years to obtain a sociology degree, he was at Clemson. Rosen is of the opinion that each major is different from the other.

Rosen says that he wants to pursue an MBA and not a sociology degree that takes 3 years. This is because he wants to set up his own business. He wants a smooth transition from football to work and life after he retire. Josh owns a passer rating of 135.8 in 9 games, he did this as a Bruin. This is why he is considered to be among the top quarterbacks prospects in the entire country. In fact, there is a high possibility of him being selected in the NFL Draft of the year 2018. The league today is characterized by backup quarterbacks having a considerable earning power unlike ever before. This means that Rosen just requires to play a few seasons and this has the potential of setting up for life.

However, Josh Rosen’s vision goes beyond just preparation for life after he retires from football. He also acknowledges the fact that a majority of NCAA athletes will fail to even get close to the professional ranks.

Josh Rosen mentioned that there are many people admitted at the universities that are being counted upon for assistance by others. He thinks that it is high time for universities to put in more work for the preparation of players for both the life in university and to assist them to thrive after football. Josh says that it is a lucrative sport and that is why it is wrong not to provide assistance to the players who are making the money.

Rosen becomes the third athlete after Julian Whigham and Richard Sherman to demand for a balanced and better experience for all student-athletes. Nonetheless, it is amazing to listen to a current student sum up the sensitive issue in very clear and plain terms.

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