Santos’ 2013 NFL Mock Draft | 11-21

Santos Gonzalez 2013 NFL Mock Draft!

2013 NFL Mock Draft 11-21


11San Diego Chargers 7-9OT, G, WR, TE, SWR-Deandre Hopkins Clemson
San Diego get a good Wide Receiver who is leaving school early to enter the NFL. He has the yards and touchdown record and Clemson and he is looking like a top tier talent for the next level (Analysis by Hunter).
12Miami Dolphins 7-9WR, DE, S, CB, OLBWR-Keenan Allen University of California
Like Jarvis Jones and Cleveland Keenan Allen has been tied to the Dolphins in mock drafts almost everywhere. The fit is perfect, Miami needs a WR and a deep threat for their young QB and Allen has all the talent and ability to make plays anywhere on the field. Allen does really well running routes in and outside of twenty yards and can stretch the field very well, his play reminds me a lot of AJ Green. Look for Tannehill and Allen to have a nice combination just like Dalton and Green.
13Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7-9DT, DE, LB, S, CBDE-Barkevious Mingo Louisiana State University
Barkevious Mingo is a special player, he has all the talent and ability, the skillset and size of a good DE. Although his production has dropped him in rankings he is still a very promising prospect. The Bucs have been waiting for Bowers to develop and grow but is slow to show up, hopefully with the outside presence of Mingo, the pass rush in Tampa will begin to flourish with Bennett and Clayborn.
14Carolina Panthers 7-9DT, S, CB, WR, OTDT-Sheldon Richardson University of Missouri
Richardson is a damn good DT, he is a constant motor and continues to work on his game. I actually had him ranked in the top ten at one point, he can play any position or technique on the D-Line and cause havoc for offensive linemen. Richardson’s motor and intensity for the game will work well with the like of Beason, Keuchly, Johnson, Hardy, and the rest of the Carolina D and establish the middle of the D-Line for a defense that has been looking for a solid DT since Jenkins.
15New Orleans Saints 7-9DT, C, CB, S, DECB-Johnathan Banks Mississippi State University
New Orleans might have been aching for Richardson to land here but their NFC South rivals snag him first, their second option would be to patch up their secondary which was horrible this season. Banks should provide the team to create competition in their CB depth and have all their corners playing like they used to. I don’t believe Banks starts this year but he may develop into a good corner in the league.
16St. Louis Rams 7-8-1OT, OG, OLB, S, TEOT-Lane Johnson Oklahoma
The Rams select the best offensive tackle available with the 16th overall selection. They need help at both right and left tackle. So if he does not come in with the initial skill set to start at left tackle they can start him out on the right side (analysis by Hunter).
17Pittsburgh Steelers 8-8OT, CB, NT, S, OGDT-John Jenkins University of Georgia
The Steelers have been looking for a Nose Tackle to replace Casey Hampton for years and unfortunately last yars Alameda Ta’amu and his character concerns are not promising enough for the team. Jenkins is a solid plug and will fit right into the nastiness of the Pittsburgh D and Dick Lebeau’s system. With his size and strength and quick feet he could be the next Wilfork with the right coaching.
18Dallas Cowboys 8-8OG, C, S, DE, NTOG-Jonathon Cooper North Carolina University
Dallas fans will be looking for the sexy pick but they know their O-Line was horrendous for most of the season, consistently you see highlights of Tony Romo ducking and dodging defensive linemen, trying to make plays. The O-Line is in desperate need of new faces. RT Doug Free and G Mackenzy Bournadeau were the main problems and Cooper will be a day one starter and a solid guard for the Boys.
19New York Giants 9-7TE, RB, LB, S, CBILB-Kevin Minter Louisiana State University
I could definitely see the Giants continuing their trend of taking first round DE’s but I believe they know they have many other needs along their defense, their linebacking core was one of the worst in NFL, many times they did not know what they were doing or where they were lining up. I don’t believe a young MLB is the answer but I do know he will establish himself as the identity in the middle. Minter has a knack for the game and makes a lot of tackles; his presence in the middle will continue to get the best out of the remaining eleven.
20Chicago Bears 10-6OT, OG, DT, LB, SOT-Eric Fisher Central Michigan University
Unlike Gabe Carimi, whom they got late in the draft a few years ago and did not pan out to be the answer they were looking for in a tackle I believe Eric Fisher can provide for this team what it has been missing for a long time, a good LT. With the addition of Fisher, the Bears will continue to build up their O-Line in hopes to keep Cutler, upright.
21Cincinnati Bengals 10-6S, WR, RB, CB, DEFS-Eric Reid Louisiana State University
With the emergence of Michael Johnson and Carlos Dunlap and the remainder of their front four I don’t believe the Bengals will continue to bolster it, at least not now when Safety is a chief concern for their defense. Eric Reid of LSU has the size and ability to play either strong or free in their 4-3 set and should be a shoe in starter come day one. With Reid being available now there is now way the Bengals pass on him.

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