Tyler’s 2013 NFL Mock Draft

2013 NFL Mock Draft | 6 Rounds

by Tyler Lurkins

Tyler’s most recent NFL Mock Draft has Luke Joeckel going to the .


  1. Kansas City-Luke Joeckel, T, Texas A and M-The Chiefs have Albert for one year. Winston has been cut. Joeckel can hit RT for a year and slide to LT as it’s doubtful Albert will be back the following year. After all the free agent signings in Miami, look for KC to trade down as Miami would love to have Joeckel.
  2. Jacksonville-Dion Jordan, DE, Oregon-Jacksonville will look to improve their D first and will look to build on speed. Jordan can play on the end or look to stand up at LB as Jacksonville switches schemes.
  3. Oakland-Sharrif Floyd, DE, Florida -With minimal talent, it makes sense Oakland will build from the outside in, starting with the D. Floyd is the best interior disruptor in the draft.
  4. Philadelphia-Geno Smith, QB, W. Virginia-This team has a ton of talent. With Vick on a one year deal, Philly is a team who can afford to draft and develop Smith. Expectations are to be out of the top 15 picks next year, Philly won’t have a chance at a franchise, young QB, who can run this offense.
  5. Detroit-Eric Fisher, OT, C Michigan-A LT is more valuable and rated higher than an end or CB. Fisher can set the edge for the next decade as Reiff can be placed at G or RT.

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