Santos’ 2013 NFL Mock Draft | 22-32

Santos Gonzalez 2013 NFL Mock Draft!

2013 NFL Mock Draft 22-32


22St. Louis Rams* 7-8-1OT, OG, OLB, S, TESS-Matt Elam University of Florida
The Rams finally get their second pick in this year’s first round and continue to fill holes, after first addressing the O-Line it is time to address their D. Matt Elam provides another strong force in their secondary and this Rams defense begins to look like something to be afraid of.
23Minnesota Vikings 10-6DE, WR, DT, S, CBDE-Sam Montgomery Louisiana State University
Although Minnesota made the playoffs they are not considered a big threat. The roster still has many holes and their offense still needs more playmakers, in saying so the team could go in many ways here. Unfortunately I believe they’ll continue to ride out with AP and their offense and address their pass rush department with the addition of LSU’s Sam Montgomery, pairing up with Jared Allen, Montgomery can learn how to be a better pass rusher while establishing himself as a force against the run as well. Montgomery should fit right in, in place of Robison and be a stud in their D.
24Indianapolis Colts 11-5CB, S, DL, WR, LBDT-Jesse Williams University of Alabama
The Colts played with a lot of passion and courage this season but their roster is nowhere near where it needs to be, I cannot help but think that the defensive minded Pagano won’t address that here, especially with their offense playing the way it is. Williams may be a young football player but he has all the talent to be dominant. The Alabama DT should play NT and alongside last year’s teammate Josh Chaman.
25Seattle Seahawks 11-5LB, OT, OG, WRWR-Terrence Williams University of Baylor
Seattle’s defense is solid, although they could use another LB and DT for depth they will continue to express their young QB’s talents. If Wilson can find the ability to throw more Williams will be an excellent pick but if Russell Wilson keeps running the ball it might seem like the speedy Williams is a bust. His talents say otherwise, he can definitely stretch the field which is something the Hawks have been needing.
26Green Bay Packers 11-5CB, S, OT, CB-Xavier Rhodes Florida State University
It is hard to see Rhodes slide so far, but I have trouble with his size, he was a safety then a corner but I think he is best suited at FS. His ability to jam WR’s and hang with tall receivers leaves him a great chance at continuing at CB his speed and quickness do not slow because of his size and should do well in Green Bay and the NFC North with the like of Megatron and Marshall. Green Bay’s secondary will only get better.
27Houston Texans 12-4CB, S, DE, DT, OGWR-Robert Woods University of Southern California
I think the Texans were hoping for a NT here, there are so many big bodied DTs in this year’s draft but they are also all very talented instead they address their other needs and one is more WR playmakers. With the emergence of Lestar Jean, Woods would be playing the slot where I think he would be more comfortable. He is a solid route runner and should work well with the play action and Andre Johnson.
28Denver Broncos 13-3CB, DE, DT, LB, TETE-Tyler Eifert University of Notre Dame
Peyton Manning has done wonders in Denver and it is hard to imagine making their offense any better, if there were any two pieces missing from their offense it was a solid slot receiver and a dominant TE. Eifert of Notre Dame can offer both of these tangibles in his ability to make plays down the seam and in the middle of defenses. His quickness and rangy size will make him a big target for Manning who can match up to Brady with his own TE.
29Baltimore Ravens 10-6WR, OT, DL, LB, SWR-Tavon Austin University of West Virginia
Baltimore still needs a replacement for Ray Lewis and for months I had CJ Mosley sliding to this pick, with Mosley out of the picture there just isn’t anyone who can do the job. The Ravens offense resulted in the firing of Cam Cameron due to the lack of explosive plays, Tavon Austin will provide just that and become a huge playmaker for Baltimore, think of Jacoby Jones but faster, and a better route runner, that is what Austin will bring to this lackluster offense.
30San Francisco 49ers 11-4-1S, CB, RT, TE, DLOL-Barrett Jones University of Alabama
Barrett Jones is an all around offensive lineman, he can play all inside positions at center and guard and maybe even some right tackle. He is a tall strong lineman with the tangibles of being a secure force for San Francisco who is looking to bolster their O-Line in a division with powerhouse D-Lines.
31New England Patriots 12-4S, CB, DE, DT, WRDE-Alex Okafor University of Texas
The Pats have needs in the front and back ends of their defense, their linebacking core is solid but they still lack a strong pass rush and solid safeties. With Elam and Reid both out of the picture Okafor is a solid fight for a team that grinds in and out on every play. Alex has a natural talent for getting to the QB and should pair up well across last year’s first round DE.
32Atlanta Falcons 13-3DT, TE, DE, OL, LBDE-Ezekial Ansah Brigham Young University
The Falcons will need to do something to replace Tony Gonzalez at seasons’ end but the next best TE is too much of a stretch from here. Ezekial Ansah on the other hand fits right into this defense who lacks a better pass rush across John Abraham and is a motor horse on the edge. His presence will be felt in the run and pass departments and can be a solid player especially after mentoring from Abraham.

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