Hansen’s 2015 NFL Mock Draft | 6-10

2015 NFL Mock Draft Picks 6-10 by Hansen.

6. New York Jets: Todd Gurley, RB, Georgia. With a new GM, and coach, Todd Bowles, expectations are low, tolerance for taking a shot on a guy recovering from ACL surgery and a suspension for taking autograph money is high, and what the hell, the Browns whiffed on TWO first round picks last season and still improved considerably from the previous year. Here is the question: who is more likely to end up in Canton? Gurley? Marcus Mariota? Amari Cooper? Shane Ray? I say it’s Gurley.

7. Chicago Bears: Landon Collins, FS, SS, CB, Alabama. The versatile Collins is God’s gift to the awful Chicago secondary.



8.  Atlanta Falcons: Shane Ray, DE, Mizzou: Some mockers are saying Ray will go earlier to the Jaguars who are concerned about Randy Gregory’s knees, but the Falcons are more likely to draft a rusher in the first round than the Jaguars who achieved a respectable 41 sacks last year, especially with a defensive guru, Dan Quinn as the new head coach. In the off- hand chance that the Chiefs do not slap the franchise tag on Justin Houston, the Falcons would definitely try to get him in free agency.

9. New York Giants: Ereck Flowers, OT, Miami: Expecting the Giants to put the franchise tag on Jason Pierre Paul in order to make one final Super Bowl under Tom Coughlin, I’m guessing the Giants take the guy who may turn out to be the elite lineman of this draft.



10) St. Louis Rams: (Controversy Alert) Brett Hundley, QB, UCLA: GM Les Snead and Coach Jeff Fisher have put together great drafts with little to show for it in the NFC West. Without improved quarterback play they may lose their jobs at the end of the 2015 season. In short, it’s desperation time and this is a HUGE gamble. Hundley is the epitome of boom or bust, a mobile quarterback who can throw downfield but needs a lot of work on his short passing game. On the upside he’s a leader who could provide the offensive spark the Rams must have now.


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