Tyler’s 2015 NFL Mock Draft

2015 NFL Mock Draft

by Tyler Lurkins

Tyler’s Final 6 Round 2015 NFL Mock Draft

Updated 04/30/2015

6 Full Round 2015 NFL Mock Draft. As soon as free agency is completed this will be a full 7 Round 2015 NFL Mock Draft with compilation picks included

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1.  Tampa Bay-Jameis Winston, QB, Florida St.-Though being one of his biggest critics, I will cement Winston here. This draft is weak in QB’s and the free agent market is just as poor. Maybe Winston isn’t the best player in the draft, but he’s the best for Tampa. This team has a nice window to win and all they need is a solid QB with decent arm.

2. Tennessee-Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon-What’s the smoke screen: The Titans aren’t taking a QB because they like Mettenberger? Or is the smokescreen to make everybody unload the bank to get the 2nd pick? Williams is by far the best player in the draft. Yet is a 5 technique the best value here? If the Titans have to drop below pick 6 or 7, they’ll miss on all of the premier talent. Why not take Mariota to develop and compete with Mettenberger. He’ll cost the same price as a good backup.



3. Jacksonville-Amari Cooper, WR, Alabama-Fowler, Beasley…how about Cooper. Bradley will get the most out of the defense he has. Why not take a top flight WR that can turn their franchise QB into a star.

4. Oakland-Leonard Williams, DT, USC-Del Rio’s defense is predicated on the pressure from the front 4. Williams is a beast, and with big Dan Williams plugging holes, Mack blitzing off the edge, Leonard Williams will be relatively untouched in the middle.



5. Washington-Dante Fowler, LB, Florida-Washington will see serious trade offers here. With a new, ultra aggressive, gap shooting defense in place, Fowler can not be passed up on. He is a versatile weapon who excels at hunting down QB’s.

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