Tyler’s 2014 NFL Mock Draft

2014 NFL Mock Draft

by Tyler Lurkins

Tyler’s newest 2014 NFL Mock Draft

6 Full Rounds

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1.  Houston-Jadeveon Clowney, LB, S. Carolina-Houston has a tough decision. Pass on what could be the best ever, or pass on a franchise QB. If O’Brien is as good as advertised, he will create a QB. Rather than tossing Clowney at the 5 tech, Crennel will toss him at LB, moving Reed inside.

2. St. Louis(via Washington)-Jake Matthews, T, Texas A and M-Read my Rams draft blog on possible trade scenarios for this pick. Until a trade is made, we can only assume the Rams are picking #2. The management holds the Matthews family in high regards. This team is uncertain at LT, and if Saffold plays RG, the team will have no LG. Matthews is the most solid, NFL ready player in this draft. Robinson is a stud, but he doesn’t have the body of work, and is raw, to be counted on to protect Bradford. Also, no matter how potent Watkins may be, he is still a 6’ receiver, and the Rams have plenty of those. With such disarray on the line right now, look for the Rams to spend their valuable cap space on a lineman, and find a reliable red zone threat in later rounds.

3. Jacksonville-Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A and M-Though it pains me to make this call, Manziel has proven to be a very exciting prospect. This team needs a mobile signal caller until the line is set. The Jags also need the money that Manziel will bring in. After a brilliant pro day, this pick is almost a no brainer.

4. Cleveland-David Carr, QB, Fresno St. –Carr certainly doesn’t deserve this high of a selection, but with the momentum he is gaining, Cleveland has to pull the trigger. The staff seems comfortable with Carr, and so they will reach before Oakland does. Carr probably understands the game better than most of the QB’s in this class.

5. Oakland-Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson-Why not a QB? This team is tossing money around to win now. If you can’t guarantee the prospect to beat Schaub, then put weapons around Schaub instead. If Watkins is as good as advertised, he will absolutely be responsible for a couple more wins for the Raiders.

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