Tyler’s 2014 NFL Mock Draft

2014 NFL Mock Draft

by Tyler Lurkins

Tyler’s Final 2014 NFL Mock Draft


6 Full Rounds

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1.  Houston-Jadeveon Clowney, LB, S. Carolina-Only Atlanta would shovel out the picks needed to trade for Clowney, and they have plenty of holes to fill. Houston may be best served staying put and grabbing the exceptional, Clowney.

2. St. Louis(via Washington)-Khalil Mack, LB, Buffalo-It’s doubtful the Rams trade back unless they receive two first rounders to do so. The Rams need a massive receiver, not the 6’1”, Watkins. With a run first scheme, it’s doubtful the Rams look to the O line this early. Mack is absolutely perfect for this defense.

3.Jacksonville-Greg Robinson, T, Auburn-The organization isn’t sure what they’ll have in Joeckel, and they still have holes on this O line. This organization is clearly being built in the Seattle mold, so it’s doubtful the Jags look to receiver this early. Run the ball in a punishing manner with Joeckel and Robinson. Unless this pick is Mack or Clowney, it’s doubtful the Jags take a QB or WR.

4. Cleveland-Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson-It’s not typical for a team with needs to select a WR this high, especially when already having a #1. However, Cleveland really doesn’t have many holes. If they again maintain holding off on a QB to a later pick, they’ll have a tandem of WR’s that could develop into the most potent in the league.

5. Oakland-Mike Evans, WR, Texas A and M-I’ve slotted Evans here, then moved him, and now he’s here again. Oakland is in win now mode. Though they will look to pound the ball, they’ll need a true #1 receiver for Schaub.

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