Tyler’s 2014 NFL Mock Draft | 6-10

2014 NFL Mock Draft Picks 6-10 by Tyler Lurkins.

6. Atlanta-Taylor Lewan, T, Michigan-With both pass rushers off the board, ATL trades back or they find the top need for their team. LT is a high priority pick, and Lewan is the prototype. He is powerful at the point of attack, and is a balanced tackle. Atlanta can’t afford to lose pass protection for Ryan again.

7. Tampa Bay-Jake Matthews, T, Texas A and M-It’s doubtful that Lovie looks for a 2nd receiver over O line help. Remember, he will run a conservative offense. Look for line help here as the recently signed Collins may be better inside or at RT.

8. Minnesota-Blake Bortles, QB, UCF-The Vikes would love to find a defensive stud here, but it will be hard to pass on Bortles. He’s head and shoulders above guys like Mettenberger and Savage, both players that the Vikes would target in the 2nd round. Turner will want a big bodied guy to work with, and Bortles could be the answer.

9. Buffalo-Eric Ebron, TE, N. Carolina-A TE like Ebron is a rare find. Though resigning Chandler, the Bills can’t pass on a weapon like Ebron. Chandler stays more of an in line TE, and Ebron will be on the perimeter creating mismatches.

10. Detroit-Anthony Barr, LB/DE, UCLA-Detroit always runs with the best player available. Barr represents two needs. If the Lions stick with the 43, he’s a rush end that will make this D line even more explosive. Should Cunningham/Caldwell switch to their 34 looks, Barr is the immediate starter at rush linebacker.


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