NFL Power Rankings | Week 10

2012 NFL power rankings for week 10

by Tyler Lurkins

  1. Atlanta(8-0)-Another undefeated week.  The Falcons host a poor Arizona team next week and should move to 9-0.(Last week:1)
  2. Houston(7-1)-Houston took a nice win over Buffalo at home.  Now they face a tough D and a hostile environment in Chicago.(Last week:2)
  3. Chicago(7-1)-Even against lesser competition, the Bears continue to roll.  They host the Texans next week in what should be the game of the week.(Last week:5)
  4. San Francisco(6-2)-After their week of rest, the Niners should have no issue tossing aside the visiting Rams.(Last week:3)
  5. Denver(5-3)-A tough road win at Cincy this week.  Their tough D should have no problem taking out Cam’s few offensive weapons.(Last week:7)
  6. New England(5-3)-The Pats host the Bills after the bye week.(Last week:6)
  7. Green Bay(6-3)-Are the Pack finally where there should be?  A big win of Arizona leads them into their bye week.(Last week:8)
  8. Baltimore(6-2)-A good win over the Browns.  The Ravens should power past the Raiders next week.(Last week:9)
  9. Pittsburgh(5-3)-The Steelers seemingly have their stuff together winning at New York.  They are sure to hammer on the gas pedal as Hailey faces his old Kansas City team.(Last week:10)
  10. New York Giants(6-3)-The Giants let their play slip against Pittsburgh.  Now they make the flight to Cincinnati to face a fairly tough Bengal team.(Last week:4)
  11. Seattle(5-4)-Seattle grinds out a win against a good Vikings team.  They host a fresh Jets team next weak in Seattle.(Last week:11)
  12. Detroit(4-4)-After torching Jacksonville, the Lions go to Minnesota.  Detroit can not afford to lose against and NFC north opponent and expect to make the playoffs.(Last week:14)
  13. Minnesota(5-4)-If losing at Seattle isn’t bad enough, the Vikes host a surging Lions team next week.(Last week:12)
  14. Indianapolis(5-3)-After a well fought win over Miami, the Colts need to keep their heads in the game against an improving Jaguar squad.(Last week:22)
  15. Tampa Bay(4-4)-This team has the firepower to hang with most teams.  It’s hard to keep them rising in the power rankings with such a poor defense.  A must win against San Diego at home next week.(Last week:16)
  16. Washington(5-4)-What is worse, a loss at Carolina or the Head Coach giving up on the season in a postgame interview?  It’s a good thing Washington is heading into a bye week.(Last week:13)
  17. Miami(4-4)-Hopefully the Fins won’t fall asleep against the Titans next week like they did against the Colts this week.  Another poor showing could put the Fins deep on power charts.(Last week:15)
  18. Cincinnati(3-5)-The Bengals looked decent against the Broncos.  Decent doesn’t win games, and the Bengals will host a fierce Giants team coming off a loss.(Last week:17)
  19. San Diego(4-4)-San Diego pulls to .500 after a win against the horrible Chiefs.  They’ll travel to Tampa to face a high powered Buc’s team.(Last week:20)
  20. Dallas(3-6)-Not to be repetitive, but another disappointing loss for Dallas.  They’ll face and improving Cleveland team at home next week.(Last week:18)
  21. Philadelphia(3-5)-The O line is in shambles and this team may not get any better.  Will the Skins be able to put the pressure on Vick next week?(Last week:20)
  22. New York Jets(3-5)-Hopefully the Jets have a game plan as they journey into a tough Seattle team.(Last week:20)
  23. St. Louis(3-5)-Tough deal for the Rams, they move in San Francisco after their bye.(Last week:23)
  24. New Orleans(3-6)-The Saints will stay pat at 24 again this week.  The took advantage of a disheveled Eagle squad, can they stop the pass happy Raiders next week?(Last week:24)
  25.  Cleveland(2-7)-This team is becoming more and more efficient.  Efficiency doesn’t always put points on the board, though.(Last week:25)
  26.  Buffalo(3-5)-It has to be hard to go into Houston and play the Texans.  The problem is, it is worse to go into Foxboro to be the Patriots next week.(Last week:27)
  27.  Tennessee(3-6)-The Titans were demolished by the Bears.  Now they will fly to Miami to face a tough D and a developing offense.(Last week:28)
  28. Oakland(3-5)-A loss to Tampa at home, Oakland takes their show to Baltimore.(Last week:26)
  29. Carolina(2-6)-Carolina has played some tough games.  This could be a team that puts their tools together and wins a few more games to close out the year.  Unfortunately, they won’t see a win while hosting Denver next week.(Last week:30)
  30.  Arizona(4-5)-Arizona heads to their bye week after losing 5 in a row.  Currently, Arizona couldn’t beat most teams in the NFL, let alone Jacksonville and KC.(Last week:29)
  31. Jacksonville(1-8)-KC may be able to beat Jacksonville in a head to head matchup.  However, at least Gabbert and company try to win.  They hustle.  They improve.  They may grit out a win against Indy next week.(Last week:32)
  32.  Kansas City(1-7)-No way is this team going anywhere this year.  They may sneak a couple wins by the end of the year, but they sure aren’t trying now.(Last week:31)

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