Tyler Bray | 2013 NFL Mock Draft

Tyler Bray 2012 NFL Draft Scouting Report

By CJ Milner


Position: QB

College: Tennessee

Height: 6’6

Weight: 213
– Highly touted QB recruit coming out of high school. Was consensus favorite to be the first overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft before Matt Barkley decided to return to USC for his senior year. In the majority of early 2013 mock drafts, Bray is in the top five overall picks and usually the number two pick behind Barkley.


– Very Strong arm comparable to that of Joe Flacco and Michael Vick

– Should be able to bulk up from 213 to somewhere around 235 lbs with imposing 6’6 height

– Experience starting in toughest competition in college football

– Comes from more of a pass happy yet NFL style of offense

– Can pick up the first down with his feet

– Athletic for height, can evade pass rushers

– Great down field vision

– Throws tight spiral

– Can fit ball into the tightest of areas at times


– Will force throws into tight coverage(sometimes double coverage) at times

– Overthrows and under throws his target multiple times in a game

– Not as accurate on the run outside of pocket

– Looks to force throw for more yards rather than checking down to gain five or six yards

– Needs to either work on or prove his leadership ability after being tagged as a “laid back” and “cocky” type of guy

– Suffered broken thumb on his throwing hand midway through season but returned for final two regular season games against Vanderbilt(won in OT but threw two interceptions) and against Kentucky(lost while throwing two interceptions

– Will put WR’s in danger with some throws

– Has more of a sidearm delivery that may need to be tweaked to have success in the NFL

– Occasionally stares down receivers

NFL Player Comparison

Phillip Rivers

– Bray has a stronger arm than Phillip Rivers but very similar accuracy coming out of college. Has the same type of “cockiness” to his game that Rivers has which has proven to be a good thing. Bray should excel in any type of offense in the NFL.

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