Matt Kalil | 2012 NFL Mock Draft

Matt Kalil, OT

College: USC

Height: 6’7”

Weight: 295 lbs

Projected pick:  Top 5 Pick

2012 NFL Mock Draft 1st Offensive Tackle

08/20/2011: The most important position on an NFL team is the Quarterback which is widely known and not many people will argue with. However, the 2nd most important position on the team is debatable. A lot of people say the Wide Receiver, Running Back, Linebackers and Cornerbacks could all be the 2nd most important position on a team. However, I think the most important thing is protecting the most important person on the team and that is exactly what the Left Tackle in an offense does. Matt Kalil is the top rated Offensive Tackle in this 2012 NFL Draft for two reasons… he is a very good Offensive Tackle and secondly his brother is a proven star in the NFL. I think that Matt Kalil is going to be a very high draft pick as I can see him coming in and starting as a rookie right away much like his brother did. So in my first 2012 NFL Mock Draft I have him as the top rated Offensive Tackle and going 4th overall.

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