Fielding’s 2016 NFL Mock Draft | 21-32

2016 NFL Mock Draft Picks 21-32 by Fielding’s

21. Washington Redskins: Kenny Clark, DT, UCLA 

The Redskins get a very good defensive tackle.

22. Houston Texans: Karl Joseph, S, WVU

The Texans add the best safety in the 2016 NFL Mock Draft with this selection.



23. Minnesota Vikings: Josh Doctson, WR, TCU

Diggs has shown some promise this year but the Vikings could definitely use more talent on the offensive side of the ball.

24. Cincinnati Bengals: Vonn Bell, S, OSU

The Bengals who are having a great year add the best player available.

25. Pittsburgh Steelers: Adolphus Washington, DT, OSU

The Steelers add a big player to the defensive line. He can help with the run and pushing the pocket.

26.Seattle Seahawks: Tyler Johnstone, OT, Oregon

The Seahawks are a good team and have a good defense. However, their offensive line needs a lot of help and a player like Johnstone could come in and help with this right out of the gate if they select him in the 2016 NFL Draft like they do in this Mock Draft.



27. Green Bay Packers: Andrew Billings, DT, Baylor

The Packers need help on the defensive side of the ball to give their linebackers some more room to work. Billings will help with this. The 2nd option would be offensive tackle with this selection.

28. Kansas City Chiefs: Tyler Boyd, WR, Pitt 

The Chiefs need a QB to take advantage of top tier WR’s… with that said they could still use them. Treadwell is a top tier talent who could be a good asset for the Chiefs.

29. Arizona Cardinals: Germain Ifed, OT,  Texas A&M

The Cardinals get a good offensive tackle .



30. Carolina Panthers: Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Ohio State

The Panthers get great value on Elliott so they take him to expand their already good RB.

31. Denver Broncos: Jack Conklin, OT, MSU

The Broncos add an offensive lineman with this selection.

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