2015 NFL Draft QB Prospects

NFL Draft QB Prospects

By Tyler Lurkins

Jameis Winston, QB, Florida State

Winston shows upside as an athlete and leader. Does he possess the maturity to be given the keys to a high powered offense? Winston has experience in a pro style offense, and that’s a huge plus. Yet his accuracy waivers, he looks down his receivers, and his confidence waives at times.

Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon

Mariota is dynamic athlete with no character concerns and excellent intelligence. The tangibles are all there for Mariota. Obviously he has zero experience under center. He doesn’t understand how to read a secondary. Many draftniks acknowledge Mariota is a talent, but with most coaches only being given three years to succeed, will a staff be able to develop Mariota in time to save their jobs?

Brett Hundley, QB, UCLA

Once thought to be a can’t miss prospect, Hundley never improved to be a solid star. The highly regarded Jim Mora couldn’t develop Hundley into an impressive star. Hundley has the frame and arm for the NFL, and certainly passes the eye test. An NFL team running several read option plays may find a great talent in Hundley. However, his poor pocket play and accuracy may keep Hundley from being a plug and play starter, right away, in the NFL.

Garrett Grayson, QB, Colorado State

Who? Grayson may be the sleeper in this draft. Grayson excelled in Jim McElwain’s offense and led Colorado St. to a great record. His arm is sharp, he can read a defense, and works well in the pocket. The glaring con against Grayson is his lack of playing top talent. With a condensed play book and a heavy run based offense, Grayson could step in and manage a game in the NFL.

Connor Cook, QB, Michigan State

Cook is on record saying he will return to college. With such a weak draft class, he could change his mind. Cook would represent the safest quarterback in the draft should he enter.

Gunner Kiel, QB, Cincinnati

Remember Kiel rated higher the Jameis Winston three years ago. Kiel has not declared, and it’s doubtful he will, but he shows great knowledge of a pro system. Also Kiel is highly regarded amongst NFL scouts.

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