Brian Brohm:2008 NFL Draft Updates


Brian Brohm the 6’4″ 224 Quarteback from Louisville seems to be the real deal.  In his freshman year only playing part time he was named the Big East Freshman of the year while throwing for 820 yards and 6 touchdowns. In his Sophomore year his success continued where he threw for 2,883 yards with a 19-5 td/interception ratio.  With a wopping 68% completion percentage and also becoming the Big East Offensive Player of the Year.  As a Junior his completion percentage dropped to 64% but his passing yards increased to 3,049.  His touchdown/interception ratio was also very good still with a 16-5.  So far this year even though Louisville a a team has been struggling Brohm has continued to put up HUGE Numbers.  After 6 games so far he already has 2,415 yards a 66.8% completion and a unreal 20-4 TD/Int ratio.  The projections for Brohm if he continues to play like this are 4,830 yards, 40 Touchdowns and 8 Interceptions.  So far it looks like the top runner for Brohm are the Atlanta Falcons.  They have recently Acquired Byron Leftwich and trying to work them into there system so we will see where that goes.  A couple of other teams that will be looking to get a QB will be the Minnesota Vikings and the Chicago Bears (I doubt that he drops this far).  As the games contine I will post updates on the HOTTEST Players. 

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