Week 10 NFL power Rankings

Week 10 NFL Power Rankings by Tyler Lurkins


New England-It’s hard to beat the Pats when they’re firing on all cylinders. They go into a bye to continue improving. This secondary seems unbeatable and the return of Gronk makes the offense hard to stop. These are power rankings, not record rankings, and New England is the top as they head into a bye next week.

2. Denver-Denver lost to a healthy Seattle team in Seattle. Denver struggled against a healthy Patriot team in New England. Denver still has a virtual roster of all stars. They thumped the Cardinals, though minus Carson Palmer. Denver is tough to beat, especially at home, they deserve the #2 ranking.

3. Arizona-Again, these are power rankings, not record rankings. Sure, Arizona is playing phenomenally. However, their loss was to Denver. Not only that, but Denver has beaten more quality opponents. Arizona is right on the cusp, but they have a shade more to prove before they elevate to the top spot.

4. Kansas City-KC is playing strong. It’s hard to overlook that no wide out has a TD catch yet. The Chiefs will face a tough team next week. Buffalo is no slouch, especially at home.

5. Detroit-Coming out of a bye week, Detroit hosts a hot Miami team. Hopefully Detroit comes back healthy and in sync.

6. Philadelphia-The Eagles need a healthy Foles to succeed. Sanchez isn’t the answer to carry a team into the playoffs. Carolina’s front seven is very dangerous and will find a way to disrupt the play of a backup QB.

7. Indianapolis-Indianapolis is playing strong football. However, they’ve yet to establish a run game, and the D is yet to remain solid and consistent. A sure fire playoff team, the Colts need to improve as a quality D should manhandle them.

8. Cincinnati-A Bengals team with A.J. Green is very potent. Can the D pick up the slack though? Hosting the Browns may not be as easy as it was in the past.

9. Dallas-Dallas impressed many and earned much respect. This team isn’t the same without Romo, and Romo may not be healthy enough to carry the team.

10. Green Bay-The offense plays impressively, but the D still can’t buckle down. Soundly whipped by New Orleans, can the Pack defeat the Bears next week following the bye?

11. Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh is putting massive offensive numbers together. The reacquisition of Harrison seems to have settled the D. The Steelers visit and easy Jet team next week.

12. Seattle-Respect keeps Seattle this high. On paper, the roster looks loaded with tremendous talent. Losses to Dallas and St. Louis, combined with close games with Oakland and Carolina, are pushing Seattle farther down the chart.

13. Miami-For the last few weeks, Miami has been described as needing consistency in these power rankings. Every game they look better and better, as the defense sets the tone. A great test awaits the Fins in Detroit.

14. Buffalo-Coming out of the bye, the Chiefs come to town.

15. Baltimore-Maybe this team isn’t ready to be a contender. The Ravens have five wins versus five easy teams. They should have no problem getting past the Titans next week, and then they’ll go into the bye week.

16. San Francisco-The Niners look awful. The team just looks the part of prima donna’s who don’t feel they need to put in the work. The high flying Saints will be a tough opponent for SF next week.

17. Cleveland-Can Cleveland maintain the winning attitude? Though having little, to no, offensive firepower, Hoyer leads the Brownies to wins. They need to topple a tough team, they’ll get the chance next week in Cincy.

18. San Diego-What is with the Bolts? They look unbeatable, and for no reason, slide miserably to the back of the pack. San Diego needs this bye week to regain focus.

19. New Orleans-The defense still needs a ton of work. With the Niners reeling, New Orleans needs to play mistake free football and capture the win.

20. Houston-Without a franchise QB, this team will sit at .500 for the rest of the year. If Foster misses time with the groin, Houston will need a lot of luck to win games

21. Chicago-Hopefully the Bears have taken the bye week to reassess themselves. A ton of talent is on this roster, and they need to beat the Packers this week to keep their season alive.

22. New York Giants-Is it the injuries? Has Manning lost his touch? Obviously the D is out of sync. No matter the scenario, at the end of the day the Giants are a poor team. After three losses in a row, they travel to Seattle to face a vengeful Seahawk team.

23. Carolina-Newton keeps trotting out for the game, but keeps being dismantled due to poor O line play. The D is good, but the secondary needs work

24. Atlanta-The good news for Atlanta is they face a poor team after a much needed bye week. The bad news is, Atlanta must beat Tampa Bay to stay out of the cellar.

25. Minnesota-Minnesota is a young and gritty team. After a tough win over Washington, they head into the bye week on a good note.

26. St. Louis-St. Louis could have a much better record than they have. Losing huge leads to Dallas, Philly, and San Fran, and winning versus Seattle and San Francisco. If the D can continue to play at this level, look for a few more big wins.

27. Washington-Another tough loss to a so-so Vikings team. Washington has to get it together. Gruden’s scheme works, he just needs a QB to run it.

28. Jacksonville-Jackonville is playing tougher, they just don’t have the wins to show it. The defense is very poor, and giving up big plays. Yet, the Jaguars could be the hot team out of these final five ranked teams.

29. Tennessee-No Titan fan expected a big year, but this is bad. Mettenberger had a week to prepare, and develop as the new starter. Is he mature enough to lead this team against Baltimore next week?

30. Tampa Bay-Will Sims create better run numbers upon his return? Glennon is making mistake free football, but can’t get the big play. The D is playing horribly. The coach is down on his team. It’s an all around bad atmosphere in Tampa, where they host the Falcons next week.

31. Oakland-Oakland has really boosted their play. Carr is looking like he can develop into a solid QB. With little talent, it’s doubtful they’ll win many games, especially next week against Denver.

32. New York Jets-The Jets are such a disaster. QB controversy, a seemingly decline of respect towards the coach, poor schemes, and an under performing D are destroying the Jets.

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