Tyler’s 2017 NFL Mock Draft

Tyler’s 3 Round 2017 NFL Mock Draft

2017 NFL Mock Draft: Updated 01/03/2017

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1. Cleveland-Myles Garrett, LB, Texas A and M

The 2018 draft will be deep with talented QB’s. Why not continue to load your roster with talent and patiently wait another year for a franchise QB. Garrett is hands down the best player in this draft and will produce at a high level immediately.

2. San Francisco-Jonathan Allen, DE, Alabama

Should Chip Kelly remain, Trubisky/Kizer will hold no more value than Mahomes/Webb. This team will be looking for a system QB and have several more holes to fill. Why not dangle this pick in front of the Jets/Bills/Bears who will pay heavily to get Trubisky. If the Niners stay, expect them to take the most impact ready player, who is Allen. In a division with talented running backs, Allen plays stout on the line, but has is a superior pass rusher as well.

3. Chicago-Mitch Trubisky, QB, N. Carolina

The days of Cutler are gone, if the Bears won’t hesitate to pull the trigger on Trubisky. Not that he has any more talent than any other prospect, but Trubisky is the most ready to step in and manage a game.




4. Jacksonville-DeShone Kizer, QB, Notre Dame

A new coach, possibly a new GM, and a QB that isn’t developing. If the rumors are true and Bortles truly is a lazy prospect (and will be owed between 18 and 22 mil), expect a new coach to put their neck on the line for their leader. Kizer has all the tools that can make him an elite QB, but is extremely raw.

5. Tennessee(via Los Angeles)-Jabrill Peppers, S, Michigan

Tennessee needs help in their secondary. While Peppers isn’t the largest prospect, on the field he’s a monster to deal with. Playing sideline to sideline, Peppers is a plug and play safety, but it’s yet to be determined if he can play corner in the NFL.

6. New York Jets-Teez Tabor, CB, Florida

The Jets need to add talent to an aging and inept roster. If they can’t find a way to nab Trubisky, they’ll need to wait a year on a QB. Tabor has been the best corner in the game, but underperformed in 2016. He has enough positive film to warrant a top 10 pick and can instantly help upgrade the poor secondary of the Jets.




7. San Diego-Tim Williams, LB, Alabama

Williams is an elite player. Size and character concerns may create a slide. Perhaps the most gifted pure pass rusher in the draft, Williams simply doesn’t seem to fit a 43 looking for Bruce Irvin, and many teams want a larger framed rusher in a 34 system. The Bolts need to continue to build on their pass rush in a division that throws the ball frequently.

8. Carolina-Marlon Humphrey, CB, Alabama

Many feel Humphrey is the top corner prospect. He played aggressive and shut down the likes of Smith-Schuster, but he’s also been beat several times. Though there is room for development, he’ll need to show he has the make up speed to cover his mistakes in the NFL.

9. Cincinnati-Quincy Wilson, CB, Florida

On film, Wilson is one of the most athletic playmakers on the field. Assuming his combine matches his on field skills, Wilson should fly up draft boards. The size is there to cover the biggest receivers, and his closing speed will be sufficient to cover Antonio Brown .

10. Buffalo-Deshaun Watson, QB, Clemson

Watson is no more the answer than E.J. Manuel. Unless he shows tremendous pre draft workouts, Watson could fall the route of Teddy Bridgewater. Yet if the Bills let Taylor walk, they will not have any serviceable QB’s on the roster. They’ll need to trade up or nab Watson just to have a warm body to throw the ball.  

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