Tyler’s 2017 NFL Mock Draft | 22-32

Tyler’s 2017 NFL Mock Draft

2017 NFL Mock Draft | 22-32

22. Miami-Forrest Lamp, G, W. Kentucky-Miami has some holes, but they may want to opt to fully build a budding O line. Lamp is a plug and play prospect who may be every bit the rookie that Zach Martin was.

23. New York Giants-David Njoku, TE, Miami-After all these years, the Giants may finally find a star tight end for Eli. Njoku will provide a new element to this offense, especially with so much attention being paid to the receivers.

24. Oakland-Taco Charlton, DE, Michigan-Oakland is looking for impact players to complete this young team. Charlton will start opposite of Mack, creating a great tandem of pass rushers..




25.   Houston-Obi Melifonwu, SS, UConn-Is K.J. Dillon the heir at SS? It’s hard to tell, but he was just a 5th round pick last year. Obi is a sideline to sideline talent, who brings yet another feared element to this defense. He can be a hard hitting safety, also be an ILB should Cushing get hurt again, and some feel he can play corner.

26. Seattle-Kevin King, CB, Washington-This is a surprising pick for Seattle, they need O line help, but if Sherman is on the block, they’ll definitely need another corner. What makes King a priority is he a perfect fit for this team, this scheme, and is a hometown favorite.

27. Kansas City-Garrett Bolles, T/G, Utah-The Chiefs have a tight salary cap, they need to make the most impactful picks possible. This line has a major hole at LG, and the Chiefs have no one who can play LT if Fisher goes down. If both of these problems aren’t fixed, the offense sputters and the Chiefs miss the playoffs. Bolles can start at LG and be the heir apparent at LT.

28. Dallas-Fabian Moreau, CB, UCLA-The Boys wanted to bolster the D line, but have found themselves with major holes in the secondary. Moreau has lit the world on fire in post season workouts, and is now a sure fire first round selection.




29.  Green Bay-Tre’Davious White, CB, LSU-The Pack need a solid cover corner. Remember that both Randall and Rollins are still developing into their rolls, but White is just a bit more refined at the corner position than those two, and he’s the best player on the board.

30. Pittsburgh-DeShone Kizer, QB, Notre Dame-This is an iffy pick. The Steelers always take the best player on the board, and a QB could very well be on the top of the board. The question is, will it be Kizer? There’s a lot to like about Kizer. He’s coachable with a rocket arm and a body of work under center.

31. Atlanta-Charles Harris, DE, Missouri-Atlanta needs to continually build on their front four. They need another viable pass rushing threat, and Harris can do that.

32. New Orleans(via New England)-Cam Robinson, G, Alabama-Robinson is a mammoth on the O line. New Orleans likes their versatile lineman, and have very little depth. Streif is 33, Armstead has injury concerns, and Peat isn’t the sum of all parts. This offense can not afford to sputter if a lineman is injured

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