Tyler’s 2017 NFL Mock Draft | 22-32

Tyler’s 2017 NFL Mock Draft

2017 NFL Mock Draft | 22-32

22. Miami-Rueben Foster, ILB, Alabama-Foster is another star with question marks. Foster has had rotator cuff surgery and concussion problems. Watching the film, it’s easy to see his lack of fundamental tackling and being a little out of position will continue these types of injuries. I’m not saying he couldn’t be top 10 pick, but Foster has a lot to prove. In this scenario, Miami will find another leader while pushing Alonso to the outside where he probably belongs.

23. New York Giants- O.J. Howard, TE, Alabama-Scouts love Howards size and ability. He’s a solid blocker and shows very soft hands. How often have we seen a TE with such little production enter the 1st round? Virtually never. This draft is exceptionally weak, and Howard is an exceptional athlete, the Giants may finally find Eli a real threat at TE.

24. Oakland-John Ross, WR, Washington-McKenzie has not made reaches in his drafts. He will pick the top talent available, if that talent fits his team. Ross is an impact player. With Cooper drawing attention, Crabtree can benefit in the slot, leaving Ross as major weapon flying down the sideline.




25. Houston-Cam Robinson, T, Alabama-Houston could use some young talent on the O line. Robinson is a plug and play prospect at G or RT, but could develop into a very serviceable LT in the future.

26. Seattle-Marlon Humphrey, CB, Alabama-Humphrey is touted by many mock drafters, but really hasn’t been overly stellar. He benefits from being on a strong D, often showing over aggressive play, and lacking speed to cover his mistakes. Humphrey is a very fundamental tackler, and has a huge frame, making him perfect in Seattle.

27. Kansas City-DeShone Kizer, QB, Notre Dame-This team is solid and will not see a top 10 pick for quite some time without trading the entire farm. Why not invest in a QB of the future, if not the present. Reid is a QB guru who runs a very simple pass and catch west coast scheme. A simplified play book, in a slower offense, will really benefit Kizer.

28. Dallas-T.J. Watt, DE, Wisconsin-Watt isn’t going to set the combine on fire. He’s a slower and weaker than many prospects. Like his brother though, Watt will show endless hustle and will to win. He’s the blue collar player that fans will love.




29.  Green Bay-Christian McCaffrey, RB, Stanford-The Packer fans groan…look, McCaffery is the best talent on the board by a long shot. He simply isn’t powerful enough to be THE feature back on most teams needing a back. Green Bay not only needs a back, but needs one that is versatile enough for their scheme. McCaffrey can carry the rock 15 times, but ultimately be a savvy route runner out of the backfield.

30. Pittsburgh-Charles Harris, LB, Missouri-Simply the best player on the board. Harris will be a pass rush specialist as Harrison continues to age, and is requesting a 2 yr deal.

31. Atlanta-Carl Lawson, DE, Auburn-Lawson comes with more question marks than any other prospect. He is oft injured, but with little nagging injuries that can be played through. He does come with a couple of surgeries. He often seems to disappear from the games. When he is healthy and playing full steam, he’s one of the better prospects in football.

32. New England-Haason Reddick, LB, Temple-Reddick is a Belichick type player. An edge rusher in college, Reddick may take the place of Jamie Collins. However, Reddick can still play in the middle, or on the edge as well

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