Tyler’s 2017 NFL Mock Draft | 11-21

Tyler’s 2017 NFL Mock Draft

2017 NFL Mock Draft | 11-21

11. New Orleans-Zach Cunningham, LB, Vanderbilt-Everyone acknowledges Cunningham as a solid prospect, but no one values him in the top 15. The Saints need three linebackers. Cunningham can play all three positions, and do so productively for the next decade. Why not make the reach and finally begin to fix this horrid defense.

12. Cleveland(via Philadelphia)-Dalvin Cook, RB, Florida St.-Cook is arguably the best back in this draft. Yet his questionable attitude and choice of friends are starting to turn from a murmur to a loud scream. Teams are less and less willing to take someone with off the field concerns. The Browns are desperate. They’re really beginning to put a great roster together, and Cook will elevate the offense immensely. The Browns just hope the few veterans they have will take Cook under their wing.

13. Arizona-Patrick Mahomes, QB, Texas Tech-Mahomes should be the top QB in this class. The arm is there, the mobility is there, the size is there, but the fundamentals may be a little off. Bruce Ariens is a great QB coach. With Palmer back for at least one year, Mahomes can be the heir apparent..




14. Indianapolis-Malik Hooker, S, Ohio St.-The Colts have such a poor roster from bad drafts, they need to simply take the best player on the board. Hooker is probably going to be a top 5 pick. He’s an extremely fluid safety that can control the entire secondary. As a GM though, you have to think that he doesn’t have a ton of experience, and you won’t be able to put him through your specific workouts before the draft. Hooker’s last two seasons have ended with surgery.

15. Philadelphia(via Minnesota)-Corey Davis, WR, W. Michigan-Davis has been a star, though hidden in W. Michgan. Philly needs a #1 receiver. Davis has the hands, knows the routes, and possesses a large frame. The question will be his speed and separation against NFL talent.

16. Baltimore-Tim Williams, LB, Alabama– Williams is the best pure pass rusher in college football, but comes with a ton of bad baggage. Newsome isn’t afraid to roll the dice, and often win, on players with a questionable character, and Williams will be a day 1 producer.

17. Washington-Mike Williams, WR, Clemson-Is Williams the best receiver in the draft? Probably. Has he stayed healthy? Does he often take himself out of games? Is the dedication there? Can he separate without using his size? Too many questions keep rising on Williams for him to go in the top 10 in this mock for the time being..




18. Tennessee-Sidney Jones, CB, Washington-Yes the Titans need a receiver, but with that powerful run game, they won’t reach, they’ll bolster the D. Jones is rangy corner who plays aggressively. He has attempted to mold his game to Marcus Peters

19. Tampa Bay-Solomon Thomas, DE, Stanford-If you watched the Sun Bowl tape, it’s hard not to put Thomas in the top 10 selections. With a ton of solid film in 2017, he’s proven he isn’t a fluke. However, he may lack the athleticism and functional strength to warrant a top 10 selection. Thomas will have to make his money at the combine.

20. Denver-Garrett Bolles, T, Utah-Bolles had off field concerns, but is well past them. Could a phenomenal combine raise him to the top 10 in an O line needy draft? Bolles is a really solid player, but his main concerns will be his length, weight, and how well he can shuffle his feet for speed rushers.

21. Detroit-Malik McDowell, DT, Michigan St.-McDowell’s stock has fallen rapidly since the start of the 2016 season. He’s still a fierce competitor with a disruptive attitude. He has some good tape, but McDowell needs to prove to scouts he is healthy, and has NFL ready strength.

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