Tyler’s 2016 NFL Mock Draft

2016 NFL Mock Draft

by Tyler Lurkins

Tyler’s 7 Round 2016 NFL Mock Draft

Final Mock Draft: Updated 04/28/2016

7 Full Round 2016 NFL Mock Draft.

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1.   St. Louis(via Tennessee)-Carson Wentz, QB, N. Dakota St.

If the Rams don’t draft a quarterback, social media will break on draft day. Goff is a cerebral California boy, but Wentz is a large framed and mobile QB who can move. Ultimately, Jeff Fisher isn’t going anywhere, and he will prefer a big bodied game manager who can hand the ball off to Gurley.

2. Philadelphia(via Cleveland)-Jared Goff, QB, UCLA

Goff and Wentz could flip flop at any time, and Philadelphia will be happy with either. Goff is a more polished passer right now, and his accuracy will be key in this scheme.



3. San Diego-Laremy Tunsil, T, Ole Miss

The Bolts have their two dream picks. They can go Ramsey to replace Weddle. Ultimately, Dunlap is average, with no depth behind him. Rivers is the franchise and must be protected in his final years.

4. Dallas-Jalen Ramsey, CB/FS, Florida St.

Dallas desperately needs a pass rusher, but it’s not like there are miles of talent between Bosa/Buckner/Lawson and Calhoun/Dodd/Ogbah. Dallas will take the sexy pick, choosing between last year’s first rounder and this year’s to play free safety. More than likely, Ramsey is their starting free safety, and Jones stays at corner



5. Jacksonville-Myles Jack, LB, UCLA

Jacksonville brass openly admits to coveting Jack’s style of play. If Jack’s knee isn’t passed by team doctors, Jacksonville will almost have to trade down. Jack is the only prospect that fits a need for them unless Ramsey slides down.

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