Tyler’s 2016 NFL Mock Draft | 21-32

2016 NFL Mock Draft Picks 21-32 by Tyler Lurkins

21. Washington-A’Shawn Robinson, DE, Alabama-Washington has amassed a bethel of 5 tech ends, but none with a great track record of success. Robinson is a very mobile big man who gets to the ball. He’s built to stop the run, but powers his way into the backfield on passing downs.

22. Houston-Corey Coleman, WR, Baylor-Houston needs speed and extra weapons for Osweiler. Coleman shows steady hands to match with his terrific speed down the line.



23.   Minnesota-Josh Doctson, WR, TCU-This is a tough pull for Minnesota. They need very few pieces, so it doesn’t make sense to accumulate picks. Though it’s a reach, they’ll stand strong and pick the best receiver on the board. Doctson is a great playmaker, but not the most polished route runner. Ultimately the Vikes need warm bodies for Bridgewater to throw to.

24. Cincinnati-Andrew Billings, DT, Baylor-Personally, I think Billings is the most NFL ready defensive tackle in this draft. He lacks the size of Robinson and Reed, isn’t an elite pass rusher like Rankins, but will give a team all he has and will be a three down player. With a lack of talent in the draft, teams will power grab for needs leaving guys like Billings sliding down the board. Cincy desperately needs push in the middle, and Billings will be a highlight of their defense.

25. Pittsburgh-Jarran Reed, NT, Alabama-Reed is top 15 pick, but his one sided play will push him down the line. He isn’t a pass rusher by any means but Reed is a powerful presence in the middle of the defense. He understands the position, and will be amazing plugging holes for Pittsburgh.

26. Seattle-Taylor Decker, T, Ohio St.-Seattle is searching for some punch on their O line, and Decker is perfect for them. Decker isn’t a solid left tackle, but Seattle will more than likely start him there



27.  Green Bay-Vernon Butler, NT, Louisiana Tech-Green Bay needs a nose tackle and has wanted more mobility from their D line. Butler is a dancing bear and is the best player on the board. He will start day 1 at the nose position.

28. Kansas City-Cody Whitehair, G, Kansas St.-There’s two reasons for this pick. A). The Chiefs need O line help at guard and left tackle. B). Reid always scoops up offensive lineman, even if it’s a reach. Whitehair is a successful left tackle making the transition to guard. He’s tough, he’s a leader, and that will make him an easy Reid favorite.



New England-FORFEIT

29. Arizona-Paxton Lynch, QB, Memphis-What do the Cardinals really need that is of value here? They can pick whomever they want with zero consequences. What happens if Palmer goes down, and how many years does he have left? Lynch needs a ton of polishing, but is a perfect fit for Bruce Airens.

30. Carolina-MacKensie Alexander, CB, Clemson-Carolina loses Norman, but gains another physical corner. Definitely undersized, Alexander uses strength to keep wide receivers in check, and isn’t afraid to put a pop on a ball carrier.

31. Denver-Chris Jones, DE, Mississippi St.-Even if Denver drafts a QB, he wouldn’t be ready for this season. You won the Super Bowl Denver, you can take a down year and like it. Jackson is gone, his replacement Crick is a backup at best. Jones is built much like Wolfe, and could be a potential star under Wade Phillips


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