Tyler’s 2016 NFL Mock Draft | 11-20

2016 NFL Mock Draft Picks 11-20 by Tyler Lurkins

11.  Chicago-Ronnie Stanley, T, Notre Dame-Chicago will be faced with a decision. Ultimately, it may be time to select a budding talent at left tackle. Cutler needs to have his blindside protected and stay upright. Massie is better off on the right side.

12. New Orleans-Sheldon Rankins, DT, Louisville-Rankins is the best pass rusher out of this defensive tackle class. Though New Orleans has admitted to being enamored with Robinson, Rankins provides more upside to this poor defense.



13.   Miami(via Philadelphia)- William Jackson, CB, Houston-Jackson is an excellent press corner who doesn’t mind sticking his nose in plays. Miami’s biggest hole is with their secondary, where their corners couldn’t cover. Jackson will have to learn on the job, but will develop into a solid corner.

14. Oakland-Jack Conklin, T, Michigan St.-McKenzie seems to be using the Green Bay method of picking the best talent. Right now the best value, and talent, is Conklin. Penn is back, and has done well, but is aging. Should Conklin not outwork Penn for the starting LT spot, he will be a tremendous upgrade over the RT, Howard. Though the Raiders have Carr, this is a run first offense, and Conklin is an amazing run blocker.

15. Tennessee-Laquon Treadwell, WR, Ole Miss-Every mock drafter in the country will be looking for the Titans to nab a tackle. Surrounding Mariota with weapons (including right tackle) is the goal, but are DGB, Wright, Matthews, Douglas, or Hunter true number one options? Maybe DGB could be, but he’s still developing routes. The greatest QB’s usually have two major receiving threats. Adding a true number one in Treadwell will only make Mariota better. Treadwell is an NFL ready receiver and right tackle can be found later.



16. Detroit-Darron Lee, LB, Ohio St.-Same song and dance in Detroit, they’ll take the best player available. Lee is a terrific OLB, but will be called on to play on the inside, much like Shazier in Pittsburgh. Lee is a see ball/get ball linebacker and his aggressive play may be welcome on this average defense.

17. Atlanta-Eli Apple, CB, Ohio St.-The Falcons are throwing some cash around this offseason. They have some intriguing picks here, and will more than likely trade back. However, should they stay, it will be for Apple. Apple is a strong framed hitter who will work well in this scheme.

18. Indianapolis-Reggie Ragland, ILB, Alabama-Middle linebacker isn’t the top priority here, but this defense needs a run stuffer who can lead the team. Ragland is a day 1 starter, and probably the Captain of this defense by week 1. This team needs an identity, and Ragland can create it.



19.  Buffalo-Robert Nkemdiche, T, Ole Miss-With a lack of elite talent, Nkemdiche will stay in the first round. The Ryan brothers will embrace him, bring him into a competitive program, and nurture Nkemdiche into the star he can be.

20. New York Jets-Leonard Floyd, LB, Georgia-Floyd is a hard player to judge. He very well could be a top 15 pick with his natural pass rushing ability. A true stud as a rusher, he’ll need a scheme that doesn’t need him to do much coverage. The Jets are a perfect fit for him.


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