Tips for the best NFL fantasy football draft outcome

Coming away from the NFL fantasy football draft with solid players is never easy. There are so many factors to consider as you build your team, and you want to make sure you land the players you really want early on and avoid ending up with a squad that looks like the 2012 Jacksonville Jaguars.
So how do you make sure you land the players you want to capitalize on the NFL season? You’ve checked the football betting odds in and read stories from reputable sports fan sites, but so has your competition. You need smart techniques to beat other fantasy sports league members to the punch. Follow these three tips and you’ll be good to go.

Take advantage of the guys who barely know football
A lot of people participating in NFL fantasy football drafts are in it because they know their football. But there’s always the handful of guys who think they know football, but really have no idea what they’re getting into. We’ve had arguments with guys who think Larry Fitzgerald is past his prime because of lackluster 2012 numbers. But if someone is spewing the same stuff who’s part of your fantasy football league, indulge him. Agree with him if you like. He’s probably going to go after the players with the larger-than-life names and leave the up-and-comers for you. That could be a great thing.
Know everyone’s favorite teams
Newbie sports bettors tend to pick their favorite teams, and that’s true of fantasy sports leagues, too. Experienced ones know better so they’ll be open to picking almost anyone. Almost. Passionate sports fans still tend to shy away from picking players from teams they despise, so if there’s a diehard Patriots hater in your circle, it could mean great value for you. We’ve seen Tom Brady end up going at fairly unbelievable value just because so many people aren’t interested in supporting the Pats.
Probe and prod your competition
There’s a good chance the competition in your league are your friends, and perhaps they’re people you see on a regular basis. If so, it’s easy to get inside their heads without making it seem like you’re trying to get inside information on which players they’re going to pick. In casual environments, bring up a specific wide receiver and let them know that you think they’re going to be solid for 2013. They may inadvertently provide inside information about what they think and whether they’re planning on picking someone earlier.

Use these three tips coupled with the best inside sports info and you’ll be on your way to picking a fantasy sports league that’s a dream come true.

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