The Quarterbacks of the 2013 NFL Draft

2013 NFL Draft Quarterback Breakdown…Geno Smith leads the way

By Hunter Stewart

The 2013 NFL Draft has a couple of big name Quarterbacks coming out. The first one coming into this season that was the big name was Matt Barkley out of USC. In addition to Barkley the other big names coming into this 2012 college football season were Tyler Bray, Tennessee and Tyler Wilson, Arkansas. All three of these quarterbacks are considered to have pretty strong arms and more or less run a “pro style offense”. With that being said the name that was kind of under the radar coming into this season is Geno Smith. He is now the front runner for the Heisman trophy and has yet to throw and interception this year. Coming into this season some people thought that he would have to convert into a tight end or be a wide receiver in the NFL. There was another player that compares similarly that was in the 2012 NFL Draft…. can anyone think of that player? Todd McShay said he was going to be a wide receiver in the NFL…. yeah you guessed it Robert Griffin III or RGIII. The Washington Redskins traded away the next two years of their draft for the rights to this kid. So far he has played pretty well running and slinging the ball. With all of this said I think going into the 2013 NFL Draft and when I am writing my 2013 NFL Mock Draft’s Geno Smith will be my top rated QB until he shows he can’t carry the load. He is an accurate passer with good size and very good athleticism. The Quarterback class for the 2013 NFL Draft all in all isn’t bad as 4 QB’s could end up going in the first round. But with that being said I think the one with the highest upside and the best quarterback is the unconventional Geno Smith out of West Virginia.

Other QB’s in the 2013 NFL Draft. Tajh Boyd, Clemson (Junior);Aaron Murray, Georgia (Junior);EJ Manuel, Florida State; Landy Jones, Oklahoma; Logan Thomas, Virginia Tech (Junior); Ryan Nassib, Syracuse


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