Start warming up to Tyler Bray | 2013 NFL Draft

Is Tyler Bray the best Quarterback in the 2013 NFL Draft?

By Tyler Lurkins

Thanks for tuning in to and for the most part, being gentle with my mock draft – Tyler’s 2013 NFL Mock Draft.  Maybe for some of you, my mocking of Tyler Bray moved you to reconsider your QB rankings.  I think it may be time to think about our QB’s like a scout would, not as an analyst clamoring for ratings.

Examine first if you will the teams in dire need of QB’s.  Arizona, Kansas City, and the New York Jets find themselves in QB situations and will surely not pass on a QB.  Teams like Buffalo, Oakland, Cleveland, and Philadelphia will all consider a QB if the right one becomes available.  For those who are mathematically challenged, that is seven teams.  The list of QB’s include, but of course not limited to:  Matt Barkley, Geno Smith, Tyler Wilson, E.J. Manuel, Zac Dysert, Landry Jones, maybe Aaron Murray, and naturally, Tyler Bray.  That’s a list of eight elite QB’s for seven teams.  Let’s think for a moment that Murray does not enter.  Combine that with the fact that no matter how well Dysert and Jones play, they won’t be drafted in the first and probably second rounds.  Play along with me and assume Manuel will be a first rounder on ability alone, and we now have five QB’s and seven teams wanting one.

That is how the fight begins, and why the draft is now televised.  Who goes where?  Who is the best?  And by the way, with the new collective bargaining agreement, teams can now reach for players.  With the ability for a QB to fail and not cost the team their whole future, we see reaches.  In the last two years, players like Ponder, Tannehill, Gabbert, Weeden, and Locker have been selected well above their value simply due to the lack of financial obligations.  I’m not stating they didn’t deserve a  first round consideration, it’s doubtful in 2010 and prior that any of them would have been a top 20 pick.  Gabbert came from a highly awkward scheme and never played under center.  Ponder, like E.J. Manuel saw injury issues and put up very small offensive numbers.  Locker struggled mightily his senior year amongst injury concerns.  Finally, not only did he not play under center, but Weeden’s age was a huge knock.  While possessing talent, Tannehill had very little experience as a QB, period.

All of this summarizes us to Tyler Bray.  Teams have a more distinct ability to calculate risks with the combination of production, scheme, injury concerns, and character.  The small, almost meaningless, contract the NFL owners have to dish out only defines a QB does not have to be the total package.  Briefly examine the top QB’s:

Barkley- He is extremely cognizant of a pro offense scheme.  He has unique recognition of opposing D’s and can change plays and check down his receivers easily.  Barkley wilts under pressure, has weak arm strength at over 20 yards, and is not the home run hitter.  Let’s also not forget the recent failure of USC quarterbacks.  He should succeed in a west coast offense.

Smith-Geno makes very few mistakes in comparison to the number of throws he makes each game.  He has the size and mobility that are coveted.  However, he obviously is in a screwy system, does not play under center, and doesn’t rise above to lead his team to victory.  Look for a scheme with vertical receivers and one that allows short, underneath throws to an established TE.

Wilson-Everyone knows how dangerous Wilson can be with superior weapons.  He shows great mobility, defense recognition, and a strong, accurate arm.   Wilson will have injury and size concerns, not to mention he is a gun slinger.  An established team will be all over Wilson, see Cardinals, Arizona.

Tyler Stinkin’ Bray-Bray has the strongest arm in the draft.  Even after the loss of Da’Rick Rogers, Bray has lead other WR’s to become significant weapons.  His stats speak for themselves.  Even with the constant threat of a certainly doomed coach, Bray has risen above when challenged.  Bray has great accuracy, plays some under center, has great height, and fair mobility.  The flaws on Bray include arrogance, a strange throwing motion, and a gun slinger mentality.

The case for Tyler Bray is clear.  Tannehill and RG3 still have strange throwing motions, and Bray arguably has a bigger cannon than both of them.  Sure RG3 is extremely mobile, but the teams at the top of the list are more conventional, and looking for a QB from a more NFL ready system.  The gun slinger mentality leads to most, if not all of Bray’s picks.  However, find me a team that won’t take Elway or Favre in their primes.  What about arrogance?  In the right system, some teams will say arrogance is a form of leadership.

Maybe Bray isn’t the QB you want on a young upstart team.  Maybe Bray wouldn’t help the cause of the Cleveland Browns or Jacksonville Jaguars.  Bray will provide an adequate weapon with teams that have established veterans in an established scheme.  Kansas City has a run game, a solid offensive line, and decent pass catchers who simply need a signal caller.  Arizona boasts a phenomenal corps of receivers and a developing run game.  The Jets have a decent O line, a steady D, and wish to run to set up the pass.  These three teams will pick in the top 10.  Bray’s talents would work wonders on these teams.  In the thick of things, Jacksonville has an all pro back, a good left side of the line, and a deep threat.  Even they should look for Bray.

All I’m saying is this folks, try not to up the wagon in front of the horses.  The draft is months away and it is time to take a few gambles with our mocks.  Attempt to look at the big picture as a scout.  What are the tangibles teams needing QB’s are looking for?  After a losing year, does a team want someone with a noodle arm?  Minus the Dolphins, will a team look to a QB that has been a one year wonder under an offensive mastermind of a coach who runs a crazy offense?  Maybe they’ll look for a former blue chip prospect who only needs tuned up.  Bray may very well be the next Kyle Boller, but the chance remains he may be the next big name.

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