St. Louis Rams Potential Free Agents and Resigings


By Tyler Lurkins

I’ve mentioned the possible cuts enough, it’s obvious and we can all figure it out. Who will the Rams keep? The Rams may muster about $5 million in cleared space after the draft picks are signed. If that’s the case, what free agents are available?

The Rams have exclusive rights to Tim Barnes. Barnes isn’t setting the world on fire, but isn’t a bad center in a pinch either. Shelley Smith had been considered a developmental guy, well he never developed. If cheap enough, Smiths familiarity to the offense will be more valuable than a undrafted FA with upside. Giordano is a reliable special teamer. Finally, Darian Stewart is a favorite. The potential remains with Stewart, but he still hasn’t managed to take advantage of his opportunities.

The Rams won’t seek out free agents. Much of their depth issues on defense will be found via undrafted FA’s that will cost nothing. Look for them to find at least one offensive lineman, perhaps a discarded DT, and maybe a safety. As far as free agents, here is a good starting list of players that St. Louis may take a look at:

1. Denario Alexander-If you grab him at the league minimum, is he worth the injury concerns? He’s a former Ram and Missouri Tiger.

2. Pat Angerer-Another frequenter of the training table. Angerer is a solid backup at SLB and ILB who could be had for cheap.

3. Terrance Cody-No one could reign in Cody’s weight. Is he a head case with no motivation? Could he be a reclamation project for a team that needs a run stuffer?

4. Oniel Cousins-Cousins had a high ceiling when drafted in 2008. He’s a wide bodied, versatile lineman that Boudreau would enjoy working with. Will he be cheap enough?

5. Pat Devlin-Devlin is a personal favorite of mine. Coming out of Delaware, I thought he had the tools to be a quality NFL backup. If the Rams see a 25 year old Devlin as a backup, they wouldn’t need to burn a draft pick.

6. Reed Doughty-Doughty is an over 30 safety with limited excess. With Williams as a former coach, Doughty may be more talented, and cheaper, than Giordano.

7. Johnny Jolly-Jolly has had his moments. Playing a 5 technique end, Jolly has some explosion but his size could make him an affordable run stuffer in the middle.

8. Taylor Mays-Mays has linebacker size and cornerback speed. The Niners and the Bengals couldn’t refine his talent. Mays could likely be a league minimum guy, with bonuses, for the secondary.

9. Chad Rineheart-Much like Cousins, Rineheart is very versatile.

10. Alameda Ta’Amu-Some felt Ta’Amu would be a first rounder in 2012. His character got him booted out of Pittsburgh, and he isn’t fitting well in a 34. At 23, he could be worth the risk if Arizona lets him walk.

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