St. Louis Rams 7 Round Mock Draft

7 Round Mock Draft for the St. Louis Rams by Tyler Lurkins

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First Round(pre trade)

2. Jake Matthews, T, Texas A and M-I have a friend very knowledgeable friend on twitter, who I respect, but says he stops reading any mock with the Rams taking an O lineman. This friend wants Watkins, half of St. Louis wants Watkins. Watkins is not worth the #2 spot. The O line was ranked in the top of the NFL. Yet, Wells and Dahl are likely cap casualties, Saffold has never played more than 10 games and will want high dollars, Williams and Shelly Smith are free agents, and fan favorite, Jake Long, is coming off of knee surgery. Though Fisher and Boudreau have never drafted a lineman in the first round, Fisher has loyalty to the Matthews family. This team needs a young, future star, to protect Bradford, Long isn’t the answer.

As far as Watkins, he will not be a true #1 for at least one season. Remember, it took Julio Jones a year to develop. Watkins is not Megatron, Fitzgerald, or A.J. Green. He needs time. His routes need polished. Watkins never went over the middle in a pro style offense. My opinion is, this is due to (A) Clemson not wanting Watkins to get smoked, (B)Clemson knew Watkins, and his slight frame, would look up and drop the ball, or (C)He was too damn fast streaking on a fly route. All this is still forgiving Watkins has injury AND character concerns. Watkins fanatics need to read this again, Watkins will be a legit #1, but will not be what St. Louis needs for 2014. Finally, fans need to realize that Quick has only played football for 6 years, one of which was spent on the bench due to injury. The Rams have faith in him.

13. Calvin Pryor, S, Louisville-This draft class is weak in safeties. You won’t find a starter in the mid to late rounds. Unless the Rams have the utmost faith in McCloud or Stewart, they will not hesitate to move McDonald to SS, and select a hammer like Pryor.


44. Ryan Shazier, WLB, Ohio St.-Don’t be fooled to see Greg Williams move Laurinitis to SLB, and Ogletree to the middle on plays. Remember, Laurinitis isn’t the best coverage guy out there, and excels at playing along the line. He struggled in a Gregg Williams minded D once. At any rate, this team will look for a very explosive LB who goes sideline to sideline. 4-3 linebackers typically slide, think Lavonte David, and I can see Shazier available here. Especially with 18 teams, between pick 15 and pick 44, running a 3-4 defense. Ogletree would move to SLB. Before anyone bites my head off about Ogletree, search Williams’ scheme, the three LB’s will be interchangeable on blitzing packages.


75. Louchiez Purifoy, CB, Florida-Finnegan will more than likely be cut. That leaves Jenkins, McGee, and Johnson. Purifoy is of the same stature of Johnson, but far more talented. You’ve heard it enough, this draft is deep. Purifoy would have been a top 50 talent last year. Purifoy has the attitude and physical play to be attractive to Fisher and Gregg Williams. Easily competing with Johnson for a starting spot, Purifoy could be best served playing the nickel for one season.


106. Aaron Murray, QB, Georgia-This may be a tough pill for Rams fan to swallow. Bradford doesn’t necessarily have injury concerns, but has had some freak instances. He had his ankle rolled up, he was pushed out of bounds awkwardly, and lets never forget his college shoulder surgery. This team can not continue without a true talent backing up Bradford. Murray doesn’t have the desired size, but is an amazing general who understands pro offenses, and SEC defenses.


143. Brandon Coleman, WR, Rutgers-A good combine could vault Coleman into the 2nd round. The film on Coleman shows an NFL receiver, running NFL routes, but playing very soft and unaggressive. Coleman will not blow you away with speed either. To me though, he’s every bit as potent as Mike Evans. The difference is Evans plays with attitude and power. Coleman, with the right coaching, could be a tremendous sleeper for any team, starting week 1.


172. De’Anthony Thomas, RB, Oregon-This team wants a change of pace back. Though regarded a better prospect than 2nd rounder Michael James, I will consider him more of a 6th rounder like Kenjon Barner. The organization has desperately wanted Pead to live up to his 2nd round hype. With as many chances as he had been given, the Rams won’t hesitate to upgrade Pead.


203. Jonathan Brown, LB, Illinois-Brown’s talent has been buried around poor collegiate talent. Another issue is Brown will not test off the charts at the combine. However, Brown is very talented. He can play all three LB spots and excel in special teams. I believe with good coaching, and a new attitude, Brown will be a surprise contributor to the Rams in 2014.


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