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5 Players whose Senior Bowl increased their NFL Draft Stock

With the NFL season almost over and the Super Bowl XLIX right around the corner. Spring’s NFL Draft will be tough and very tight. It will need players to put in as much effort as they can. Until they show their worth, in their performance, they may not be selected. One of the latest additions to the Senior Bowl, Quarterback Bryan Bennett got a red eye when he had a collision with Nick Marshall. This agitated his former coach to get him his protective gear from Mobile.

Some few players were fascinating throughout the week in the game, the interviews and the practice. The North won 34-13 over the South. From the amazing and interesting game, here are 5 of the most impressing players that boosted their draft prospect in the NFL.

1. Danny Shelton

Weighing 343lbs, and standing 6ft, 2 inches tall, Danny Shelton has been likened to the defensive tackle, Haloti Ngata, who plays for Baltimore All-Pro. When playing in Mobile, Danny Shelton received an enthusiastic review for his ability to shack blocks and his adjacent movement. Compared to the late Reggie White, who was super amazing, Shelton executed a more amusing display. When all stats are displayed, he could be the all-time best defensive tackle.

2. Clive Walford

Miami has been proud of top players over the past 15 odd years, with the likes of Jeremy Shockey, Jimmy Graham, Greg Olsen, and Kellen Winslow Jr. Clive Walford entered the week as almost the best tight end in the NFL Draft and could be the next big thing in the back line. Walford gave out a great performance in the practice, and his quickness is one thing that was recognized. He was amazing, and tough, even with a toe injury in the Saturday game.

3. Ameer Abdullah

Ameer Abdullah achieved the MVP credits, which came with the all-purpose totaling to 113 yards, which were only covered in 11 touches. Abdullah gave out a great performance, which aroused one that was given by Matt Forte. Forte captured the MVP of the game back in 2008. Abdullah has the ability of giving out a great performance like CJ Spiller and Darren Sproles. He weighs 198lbs and stands 5ft 8 inches tall is athletic and super fast.

4. Sammie Coates

Coates stands at 6ft, 2 inches tall, and weighs 213 pounds. He surprised the teams in the NFL when he reported to the Senior Bowl, weighing 10 pounds more than when he played at Auburn. He may not be the exact copy of Terrel Owen, though he is stronger, which could help him. He made an amazing touchdown on Saturday, however, he could not get his second foot at the corner of the dead zone.

5. Kevin White

There has been a search for a tall and strong player at the corner to replace Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman. Even though Kevin White is slightly smaller than the expected height, standing at 5ft, 9 inches, and weighing 180 pounds, he still pulled it off. His genuine ball skills and his energy are the things that amused the scouts.

These are the top 5, most amazing players that were overly fascinating in the Saturday game. With their performance, they boosted their NFT draft prospects. Even though others were impressive, but these were the most eye catching.

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