Santos 2014 NFL Mock Draft | 6-10

Santos 2014 NFL Mock Draft Picks 6-10

6   Atlanta Falcons: Greg Robinson, OT, Auburn

Atlanta probably really wanted for Clowney to slide but he was never going to make it out of the top 3, their next major need is offensive line and the mauler of a tackle from Auburn is just as good as Matthews. Robinson would probably be an immediate plug-in left tackle but could also take a year to groom at the right side if needed, his size really allows him to play both sides at a high level and he could develop into a great OT for this team for years.

7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Khalil Mack, OLB, Buffalo  

The Bucs really need all help on the defensive side, specifically on the front seven. Gerald McCoy and Lavonte David are the only players who come to play every Sunday, a constant pass rusher is a need here but so is a run stuffing LB, with Mack they could get both, playing him on the outside on first and second downs and as a DE on third down, Mack is just that good of a player.

8 Minnesota Vikings: Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville 

There is no way Minnesota lets a QB with a first round grade pass them, this may be early or just the right time for Bridgewater as he is getting pushed down draft boards but he is a top tier QB.

9  Buffalo Bills: Anthony Barr, OLB, UCLA

The Bills could go offense or defense here, I believe the front office got really excited about how good their defense can be. With Alonso in the middle, Bradham and Barr could easily round out a LB corp. that could grow together for years to come. Although secondary is a priority and offensive line could be touched up as well I think Barr is just one of the last true top ten players in the draft that is available.

10 Detroit Lions: Justin Gilbert, CB, Oklahoma State  

Detroit would be stupid not to fix their defense before they add to their offense, although it is important to add someone to take pressure off Calvin Johnson the fact remains that he is still Calvin freaking Johnson and will make plays regardless of who lines up opposite him, its worked thus far? This defense needs help in their secondary and has been searching for the answer for years, with the emergence of the passing game in Chicago and Green Bay it would be best to find a corner who could challenge the receiver in that division to help them remain relevant for playoff contention.


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