Santos’ 2013 NFL Mock Draft

Santos Gonzalez 2013 NFL Mock Draft!

2013 NFL Mock Draft 01/15/2013


1. Kansas City Chiefs 2-14

QB, G, WR, S, CB

OT-Luke Joeckel Texas A&M University

I believe the Chiefs roster is a whole lot better than a 2-14 roster and the only thing missing is a QB, with a new head coach and more than likely a new GM, I truly believe the new staff will not go with an overall pick to select a QB this year. The safest pick is Joeckel; he is a solid left tackle with size and strength to handle NFL pass rushers. Drafting him would allow the Chiefs to move Branden Albert inside and almost complete a dangerous offensive line that will uphold any and whichever QB plays under center. (If Andy Reid is hired, I believe Michael Vick may make his way to Missouri).


2. Jacksonville Jaguars 2-14


DT-Star Lotuleilei University of Utah

Even though new owner is looking for the sexy pick, I believe Coach Mularkey knows that Star Lotuleilei is impassable, his strength, size, and quickness is hard to find in a defensive tackle. Lotuleilei is a dominant force in the middle of defensive lines and has the ability to alter game plans for offenses. His presence could allow the Jaguar defenses to show schemes of 3-4 and 4-3, I think the personnel is there and the Jags would be stupid to draft otherwise.


3. Oakland Raiders 4-12


CB-Dee Milliner University of Alabama

The Raiders know what their biggest need is and it isn’t QB. The Raiders D was consistently torched last season and couldn’t keep a starting CB to save their lives. Milliner is a disturbance is the backfield and has tenacity like Cortland Finnegan. If the Raiders want to survive in the AFC West they would be smart to take a CB that is probably better than last year’s first CB taken.


4. Philadelphia Eagles 4-12


QB-Geno Smith University of West Virginia

The Philadelphia Eagles do not know how to not have an athletic QB; with all respect to Nick Foles they need a duel threat QB or at least one who can scramble. Even though a new HC is coming to town they will need a QB who can throw and run. If Kelly is the new Head Coach he will be looking for explosive playmakers who can excite the players around him. Geno Smith should do the job even though the pick is a little early for his talents.


5. Detroit Lions 4-12


DE-Bjoern Werner Florida State University

The Lions GM said it himself, his defense did not progress. I believe he will be unable to keep DE Cliff Avril and we all know Vanden Bosch is getting old. Although they were hoping for help in their secondary and I am sure Milliner was their top prospect there just simply is no DB option at the No. 5 pick. Bjoern Werner should add a new aggression to the Lions D and fit right in to one of the most scariest D-Lines in the league (at least on paper)..


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