Santos’ 2013 NFL Mock Draft | 6-10

Santos Gonzalez 2013 NFL Mock Draft!

2013 NFL Mock Draft 6-10

6Cleveland Browns 5-11OLB, DE, S, WR, TEOLB-Jarvis Jones University of Georgia
Jarvis Jones has almost been glued to the Browns D in almost every mock draft since the beginning of the season. Jones is an instinctive player with great pursuit and pass rush. He is one of the most highly rated prospects in the nation and should fit in to an up and coming defense. With the like of Jackson and Jones on their LB Corp the Browns D should be feared in the AFC and not taken lightly.
7Arizona Cardinals 5-11OT, OL, QB, CB, LBG- Chance Warmack Alabama
The only thing for embarrassing than the QB play of the Cardinals was their O-Line. This unit needs desperate help; Warmack is a fine Guard and is suited for the NFL. He is one of the best Guards to come out of college in a long while.
8Buffalo Bills 5-11LB, OT, WR, QBILB-Manti Te’o Notre Dame University
The Bills defense last season looked like it could be one of the scariest in the NFL but it was far from it. Nonetheless, this roster has the talent to be a dominant force in the AFC East all it is missing is some leadership and tenacity. The Heisman runner up should provide this and more to a defense looking to find themselves. If Lovie Smith finds his way to Buffalo he will quickly compare Te’o to Urlacher and show us why he can play like him and excel.
9New York Jets 6-10OT, LB, WR, RB, QBOLB-Damontre Moore Texas A&M University
Many scouts have Damontre Moore as a pure DE, but when I see him I cannot help but think of DeMarcus Ware and his ability to get to the QB. Moore is a pure pass rusher and doesn’t exactly have to do that coming out of a three point stance. Although he is quick and has size he still gets pushed around a lot, especially in the run game. Since the Jets run a 3-4 and need help in the pass rush department, bad; Moore would be an excellent pick for Rex Ryan and his ability to make his defense play better.
10Tennessee Titans 6-10DT, DE, OL, S, CBDT-Johnthan Hankins Ohio State University
The Titans have many holes in their defense, only two players in their D were consistent and they could use a lot of help, especially in the run game. Hankins is a solid DT who can plug up the middle. Since seeing him play I had always thought he played better in a 4-3 and should fit right in with this defense. Hopefully with the addition of Hankins they can establish themselves as a D-Line and begin to dominate some O-Lines.

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