Omar’s 2013 NFL Mock Draft | 6-10

2013 NFL Draft picks 6-10…

6) Cleveland Brown: Dion Jordan, DE, Oregon

The Cleveland Browns have surprisingly few needs for a team picking in the top ten. One of those needs is a reliable pass-rusher who can get to the quarterback consistently to shore up that promising defensive line. Dion Jordan might be a bit of a reach at this point, but how much can you reach on a player with such a knack for getting to the quarterback? Not too much. Jordan would be a great complement for Jabaal Sheard giving the Browns a fearsome couple of pass-rushers. Dion Jordan’s stock has been sky-rocketing recently and with good reason. The guy is a complete stud with incredible athletic ability.

Defensive coordinators will be very excited about Dion Jordan’s versatility, technique and athleticism. Does not matter where you put him, once you have Jordan on your team, you could let your imagination fly as an offensive coordinator. Jordan has certain scheme uncertainty and does not seem to fit on every defense; however, he is a playmaker wherever he is playing. With the right guy coaching him, he could end up being a dominant all-around player. Whoever arrives to Cleveland for the defensive coordinator position should be able to make some very interesting experiments with such a talented player.

7)  Arizona Cardinals: Mike Glennon QB North Carolina State

I do not like this pick at all. It is a major reach and I do not feel so good about not giving Arizona an offensive tackle. However, based on recent week, quarterback might be an even greater need as Nate Potter has been solid since replacing D’Anthony Batiste, and Bobby Massie has really improved. On the other hand, Ryan Lindley has been pathetic and has shown he is not close to be ready for being an NFL starter, but he could be a nice backup project. Meanwhile, neither John Skelton nor Kevin Kolb has shown that they can be the franchise quarterback the Arizona Cardinals are missing

Mike Glennon is a raising prospect, even prompting some to say he will go fist overall, but I just cannot get on board with that. Of course, Mike Glennon has a really high ceiling, and could eventually be developed into a solid starter due to his impressive arm and his nice athleticism and mobility in the pocket, but the same was said about Blaine Gabbert. I am not saying Glennon will bust, not at all, but he will be a risky prospect. Glennon reminds me a bit of Joe Flacco as a prospect, so maybe he could develop into a good quarterback in the NFL, but right now he lacks a lot of accuracy and good decision making as his game against Tennessee this year will tell you.

8)  Buffalo Bills: Tyler Wilson, QB, Arkansas

As you probably already know, Buddy Nix and the Buffalo Bills are brutally honest when talking about their draft plans. Nix has been constantly pointing out that the Bills will be looking for a franchise quarterback this year; unfortunately for them, this is weak quarterback class and there are only a couple of guys capable of becoming franchise signal callers. Tyler Wilson does not fit the mold of what Chan Gailey likes in a quarterback, but if they really want a franchise guy, they have no other option. Besides, is not like Chan Gailey is warranted to come back. This is yet another reach, but at this point, some franchises have brutal needs to fill regardless of the draft board.

Tyler Wilson has struggled this season at times, but when watching the tape, he really has something that makes you like him as a prospect. First of all, he has great football intelligence and a nice arm. Moreover, Wilson is capable of reading defenses and adjusting as well as any quarterback in this class; he just seems to know what is going on. He will have to show better accuracy at the Senior Bowl and the Combine. If he has a solid Senior Bowl week, he could surpass Geno Smith as the top signal caller in this class.

9) New York Jets: Jarvis Jones OLB Georgia

It pains me not to give the Jets a quarterback at this spot, but, based on the attitude the front office has taken recently regarding Mark Sánchez, I believe they will stick with him for at least another year. Sorry Jets fans. Instead, the Jets take a stud pass rusher who fits perfectly on their defense. Calvin Pace and Bryan Thomas have been incapable of getting any pressure to the opposing quarterbacks for years now, so the Jets could use a pass rusher who can actually rush the passer (I am aware of the redundancy).

Jarvis Jones entered the year as a top five prospect and has not disappointed in the season. However, I am not as high as others are on Jarvis Jones because I think he lacks some athleticism and cannot bull rush or overwhelm offensive tackles with his strength as much as I would like in a top five pick. As Taylor Lewan, Jarvis Jones needs a good showing at the combine, especially on the bench press and the 2-cone drill because I am sure he will perform well on the 40-yards dash, but it is not his speed what I am questioning.

10) Tennessee Titans: Chance Warmack, G, Alabama

Is this too early for a guard? I do not think so, especially when talking about the most dominant offensive lineman in college football. Besides, there is no bigger need for the Titans than offensive guard in order for Chris Johnson to return to his old self. While Fernando Velasco has been great at center, Steve Hutchinson and Leroy Hill have struggled as run blockers this season. An imposing presence in the interior line is needed. Chance Warmack fits perfectly. Furthermore, let’s remember Mike Munchak was an offensive guard on his playing days, so I imagine he will covet such a talented one.

Chance Warmack is, to me, the most talented offensive guard prospect in at least a decade. I even consider him a better prospect than David DeCastro last year, and, as you know, DeCastro was claimed to be the best offensive guard prospect since Steve Hutchinson by many analysts (including myself). So, by a mere syllogism, if A>B and B>C… You know the rest. Speaking seriously, Chance Warmack is a nasty run blocker and a reliable pass protector that showed great skills and strength throughout the season. His consistency is remarkable and while he is not a technician, his aggressiveness and leverage is remarkable. He easily beats defensive tackles and goes to the second level as bulldozer against linebackers. Watch his tape against Mississippi State and you will know what I am talking about.

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