NFL Scouting Combine | Friday news and notes

2013 NFL Scouting Combine Friday News and Notes

by Tyler Lurkins

Here a few thoughts and feelings of Friday’s weigh in results.

Wide Receivers

DeAndre Hopkins is making the case to be the #1 receiver in the draft.  He is only an inch shorter than Cordarelle Patterson and Keenan Allen, and weighs 10 lbs. more than Allen.  Always a proud route runner, Hopkins now shows the longest arms of the trio and he and Allen tie for the biggest hands.  If Hopkins runs a 4.4, 40 yard dash, he will shake up the draft.

Low measurements do kill.  Keenan Allen, Coraddelle Patterson, and especially Quinton Patton have all been measured shorter than listed.  Some reports had Patterson and Patton at 6’4” and 6’3” respectively.  Allen is only an inch shorter than listed, but that inch counts if you want to be a top 10 pick.  Patterson and Terrance Williams will see stock slip due to their very small hands.  You know what scouts say about guys with little hands….they have a tendency to fumble and not clamp down on tough passes.

Looking for a sleeper pick?  Check out Florida St.’s, Rodney Smith.  Some suggested he needed to bulk up and be more aggressive.  Smith came to Indy looking ripped, weighing 225 lbs., almost 10 lbs. more than his end of season weight.  At 6’5”, Smith has the speed, with an amazing wingspan, and the biggest hands of any receiver.  Look for him to slide into the third round with a good workout.

Running Backs

One of the elephants in the room is Eddie Lacy.  He showed up to the combine carrying 231, that’s nearly 10 extra lbs.  His 40 better be sufficient or he can kiss any first round consideration goodbye.

Gio Bernard surprised some with his height.  He measured 2” shorter than listed.  It’s a small concern as height never measures out to be that important for a running back.

However, hand size absolutely matters.  Stepfan Taylor’s stock was ascending.  For a massive man, Taylor has tiny hands and did have fumbling issues at Stanford.  Any hope of a 2nd round selection is gone, and probably the third round for that matter.


The quarterback see saw continues.  I’m not saying Geno Smith isn’t the best.  But he has smallish hands and measured smaller than expected.  Then again, he does compare heavily to Donovan McNabb who was the #2 pick in 1999.

On the other hand we have Matt Barkley.  Right when I’m ready to dismiss him, he measured in at 6’3”, and almost 230 lbs.  With the biggest hands of any QB, he can grip the ball in any weather environments.  Where will he wind up in the draft?

Poor Tyler Wilson, he has the smallest hands of any QB.  Also he is Sr. Bowl performance wasn’t over whelming.

The “Who the Hell is this Guy” award goes to MarQueis  Gray from Minnesota.  This guy will sling the ball.  He is a gifted athlete and I’m willing to say after seeing him that he is the most mobile QB in Indy right now.  I’m not saying he is a sleeper, but don’t be surprised to hear some raves after the 40 yard dash.  With all the read option coming into the league, he may find himself in the bottom of the draft.

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