NFL Power Rankings | Week 9

2012 NFL power rankings for week 9

by Tyler Lurkins

  1. Atlanta(7-0)-If a team stays undefeated, they stay on top of power rankings.  The Falcons will need to hang tough against an explosive Cowboy team at home.(Last week: 1)
  2. Houston(6-1)-It can be said that Houston should have no troubling beating the Bills at home. (Last week: 4)
  3. San Francisco(6-2)-This team is tough to beat.  The offense may be slow moving but they refuse to turn the ball over.  The heralded D needs no introduction. (Last week: 5)
  4. New York Giants(6-2)-After winning by inches in the Big D, the improving Steelers come to town. (Last week: 2)
  5. Chicago(6-1)-With all the hype about the offense, the defense is still leading the way.  The Bears travel to the struggling Titans. (Last week: 3)
  6. New England(5-3)-The Pats dominated an underestimated Rams team and now go into their bye week. (Last week: 8)
  7. Denver(4-3)-This team only improves as Manning leads them into each week.  It will be hard to lose in Cincy the way this team gels. (Last week: 9)
  8. Green Bay(5-3)-Green Bay is looking great in the win column, but against teams like St. Louis, Jacksonville, and possibly Arizona. (Last week: 7)
  9. Baltimore(5-2)-Can the team stay together without Ray Lewis?  Will Flacco take over the role as Chief and lead the Ravens past a very surprising Browns team? (Last week: 11)
  10. Pittsburgh(4-3)-Everyone will see how good the Steelers really are when they travel to play the defending champs on Sunday. (Last week: 14)
  11. Seattle(4-4)-It’s safe to say that Seattle is close to being a contender, but will need to beef up their offense before they’re legit.  A win against the Vikings at home will build their respect. (Last week: 10)
  12. Minnesota(5-3)-This team looks worse after each game.  Now they travel to Seattle to face a tough D and the 12th man. (Last week: 6)
  13. Washington(5-3)-A loss is a loss, but the team hung tough against one of the more respected teams in the NFL. (Last week: 12)
  14. Detroit(3-4)-This team has a ton of weapons but need to consistently play together.  This team will have no problem winning two in a row in Jacksonville. (Last week: 20)
  15. Miami(4-3)-This team stays under the radar, but a lingering injury to Tannehill may slow down this offense.  Indy is a must win this week. (Last week: 19)
  16. Tampa Bay(3-4)-The offense has clicked a couple weeks in a row.  The defense needs to keep pace.  Oakland at home is tough, and Tampa must win to keep up in the division. (Last week: 23)
  17. Cincinnati(3-4)-This team is being exposed on both sides of the ball.  The Bengals play host to the tough Broncos. (Last week: 17)
  18. Dallas(3-5)-After losing by inches, the forecast isn’t any better for Dallas.  An undefeated Atlanta team awaits them next week. (Last week:18)
  19. Philadelphia(3-4)-Another disappointing loss in for Philly.  They’ll need to win in the Big Easy to get some confidence back. (Last week: 16)
  20. San Diego(3-4)-The Browns are tougher than they look, but the Bolts should easily beat a young team like that.  KC is a must win or you can kiss San Diego out of the playoffs. (Last week: 13)
  21. New York Jets(3-5)-Hopefully a bye week will solve this talented, but drama filled, team’s problems. (Last week: 15)
  22. Indianapolis(4-3)-The Colts keep gritting out wins.  They need to buckle down as they host Miami next week. (Last week: 26)
  23. St. Louis(3-5)-After a complete melt down in London, the Rams travel home for a bye week.(Last week: 21)
  24. New Orleans(2-6)-This defense couldn’t stop a car from rolling up hill.  Yet, no one can ever count out this offense.  Philly comes to town on Monday night. (Last week: 22)
  25. Cleveland(2-6)-The Browns had an amazing win over San Diego.  Can they stop a Lewisless Raven team? (Last week:27)
  26. Oakland(3-4)-After beating up a struggling Chief team, Oakland hosts an upstart Bucs team. (Last week: 29)
  27. Buffalo(3-4)-The Bills need to find a way to beat Houston. (Last week: 24)
  28. Tennessee(3-5)-After a let down against Indy, the Titans face a surging Bears team. (Last week: 25)
  29. Arizona(4-5)-Even with four wins, the Birds will have it rough in Green Bay. (Last week: 28)
  30. Carolina(1-6)-Newton needs to suck it up and support his team.  Especially when the Panthers travel to face RG3. (Last week: 30)
  31. Kansas City(1-6)-Looks like Cassel takes the helm against the Chargers.  This could be a good kick start game for the underachieving Chiefs. (Last week: 31)
  32. Jacksonville(1-7)-The Jags will more than likely keep the bottom of the rankings to themselves.  They show improvement, but the schedule isn’t getting any easier. (Last week: 32)

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