NFL Power Rankings | Week 8

The Week 8 NFL Power Rankings

by Tyler Lurkins

1.  Atlanta(6-0)-Coming off the bye week to a tough road matchup in Philly. (Last week:#1)

2. New York Giants(5-2)-The G-Men pulled off a gritty win against the Skins.  This team plays tough and should continue the trend in Dallas.(Last week:#2)

3. Chicago(5-1)-It would have been nice to put up more points against an anemic Lion secondary.  Yet , the D played solid and is proving to be one of the best in the NFL again.(Last week:#3)

4. Houston(6-1)-Redeemed themselves with an astounding win versus a Ravens team minus some key players. (Last week:#4)

5. San Francisco(5-2)-DIdn’t fare well at home versus Seattle, but a win is a win.  On to Arizona which should be a convincing win. Actually it’s not a bad idea to visit some sports betting sites to check out the spread. (Last week:#5)

6. Minnesota(5-2)-Less than convincing win over Arizona.  The Vikes face a fairly strong test with the up and coming Bucs.(Last week:#10)

7. Green Bay(4-3)-This team is finally confident and moving the ball.  The Pack should roll over the Jags with ease in Lambeau.(Last week:#11)

8. New England(4-3)-Overtime win in New York.  Will play the Rams in London next week. (Last week:#9)

9. Denver(3-3)-The Ponies gallop out of the bye week to host the improving Saints. (Last week:#7)

10. Seattle(4-3)-The Seahawks have played tough teams, two weeks in a row.  Their reward is a drive into Motor City to face the explosive Lions.(Last week:#6)

11. Baltimore(5-1)-Baltimore is ravished by injuries and Flacco hasn’t shown he can lead the team to success.  They get a much needed bye week.(Last week:#8)

12. Washington(3-4)-Despite the losing record, the Skins have a tough offense to beat.  They can hold their own against the toughest teams in the NFL.  A victory of the Steelers will earn this team solid respect throughout the league.(Last week:#15)

13. San Diego(3-3)-With the bye week behind them, the Bolts move into Cleveland for what should be an easy win for them.(Last week:#13)

14. Pittsburgh(3-3)-This team still can’t find a way to get healthy.  This legendary D better gear up to host RG3.(Last week:18)

15. New York Jets(3-4)-After pushing New England to the brink and losing, the Jets have a must win in Miami.(Last week:#19)

16. Philadelphia(3-3)-Key losses by active teams and a bye week having the Eagles moving up the rankings.  They need to beat the Falcons at home if they want to be considered a playoff contender.(Last week:#21)

17. Cincinnati(3-4)-A tough loss at home versus the Steelers leads them into their bye.(Last week:22)

18. Dallas(3-4)-The win over Carolina could have went either way.  It will be hard to improve the record when hosting the Giants next week.(Last week:#23)

19. Miami(3-3)-This team is a solid team, but the Fins will be hard up to beat the teams above this point.  The Jets will be a good team to guage their talent on.(Last week:#14)

20. Detroit(2-4)-The Lions has a tough loss to Chicago followed with a tough matchup with Seattle.(Last week:#17)

21. St. Louis(3-4)-The Rams offense is very anemic.  A trip across the pond against New England won’t help the teams esteem.(Last week:#16)

22. New Orleans(2-4)-The Saints are throwing down as the best offense group in the NFL.  Their D on the other hand may be the absolute worst.  A matchup in Denver versus  a great offense and stalwart D should produce another loss.(Last week:#26)

23. Tampa Bay(2-4)-The Bucs put up a tough fight against a dominant offense of New Orleans.  They truck north to face the solid Vikings.(Last week:#24)

24. Buffalo(3-4)-The offense earns respect, but the high priced D needs to improve during the bye week.  This team should have never lost to the Titans at home.(Last week:#20)

25. Tennessee(3-4)-Tennessee lucked out in Buffalo and need to shore up their D if they want to beat Indy next week.(Last week:#27)

26. Indianapolis(3-3)-The Colts are a tough team to handle but will need to beat the Titans to establish some type of respect in the division.(Last week:#25)

27. Cleveland(1-6)-The Browns needed to take advantage of the average Colts.  They play host to the fast pace Chargers now.(Last week:#28)

28. Arizona(4-3)-Even with a winning record, injuries and poor QB play make Arizona a very beatable team.  The NFC west leading 49’ers fly into Arizona next week.(Last week:#12)

29. Oakland(2-4)-They’ll have to beat KC next week after a poor win in Jacksonville.(Last week:#29)

30. Carolina(1-5)-With a chance to win, Carolina again chokes late in the game.  Going to Chicago will not help Newton’s sophmore slump.(Last week:#30)

31. Kansas City(1-5)-Coming off a bye week to face the Raiders.  KC has to win if they have any belief of changing their season around.(Last week:#31)

32. Jacksonville(1-6)-Jacksonville blew a huge lead to the Raiders.  Now to Green Bay.(Last week:#32)

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