NFL Power Rankings Week 7

2013 NFL Week 7 Power Rankings

By Tyler Lurkins

  1. Atlanta Falcons(6-0)-Win big or ugly, they’re the only undefeated team left. (Last week: #3)
  2. New York Giants(4-2)-The G-men are coming together as a team.  They show great resilience.  Face a dangerous RG3 next week.(Last week:#9)
  3. Chicago Bears(4-1)-Coming off a bye week.  Previous two games, the Bears looked unstoppable.  A pumped up Lions team comes to town now.(Last Week:#7)
  4. Houston Texans(5-1)-Laid a golden egg against Green Bay.  Will have a true test with Baltimore albeit without Ray Lewis.(Last week:#1)
  5. San Francisco 49ers(4-2)-Although beaten by a very good team, the most feared D in the league looked very poor.  Should have no problem at home against Seattle. (Last week:#2)
  6. Seattle Seahawks(4-2)-The team is steadily improving with one of the best D’s in the NFL.  They need to prove they can win on the road, especially against division rivals on Sunday. (Last week:#14)
  7. Denver Broncos(3-3)-The Ponies play much better than their record.  This team can turn the tables offensively and the D can shut anyone down when it matters.(Last week:#8)
  8. Baltimore Ravens(5-1)-It’s hard to imagine Baltimore staying at top 5 team with all the key injuries.  The D will need leadership and Flacco needs to step to the front to keep the team afloat. (Last week:#6)
  9. New England Patriots(3-3)-The Pats faced a vicious defense and crowd.  Even at .500, they are still and explosive and dangerous team, especially when they have home field. (Last Week:#4)
  10. Minnesota Vikings(4-2)-RG3 is a tough QB to figure out.  The Vikes have an improving O and a steady D.  Arizona becomes a must win to prove the Vikings are contenders. (Last week:#5)
  11. Green Bay Packers(3-3)-Green Bay showed they still have the most explosive offense in the league.  When the D catches up to the O the team will be unstoppable.  The Rams are tough at home, but Green Bay will need to get over .500 before going into the meat of the NFC north.(Last Week:#17)
  12. Arizona Cardinals(4-2)-The record gives them the benefit of the doubt at #12.  They will need to recover offensively with all the injuries to the RB’s.  A tough road trip awaits them in Minnesota, a loss could cause a dramatic slide in their ranking.(Last week:#15)
  13. San Diego Chargers (3-3)-The team reflects their record…..average.  The firepower is there, but the team needs to put it all together.(Last week:#13)
  14. Miami Dolphins(3-3)-The team just finds a way to win.  Going into a bye week, they should be competitive to any team below this ranking.(Last Week:#23)
  15. Washington(3-3)-RG3 will continue to create mismatches for any defense.  A win over the Giants Sunday may warrant playoff contender talk in Washington. (Last week:#21)
  16. St. Louis Rams(3-3)-The D is very respected in the league.  If the offense can put points on the board, this could be a surprise team in the NFL.  They play well at home, and they’ll need to against the Packers. (Last Week:#12)
  17. Detroit Lions(2-3)-Detroit wins their first game in dramatic fashion.  The offense is top flight, but the D may not improve from this point on.  Chicago on the road will be a tough matchup.(Last week:#24)
  18. Pittsburgh Steelers(2-3)-Pitt is marred by injuries and have no success on the road.  They could find themselves even with a win in Cincinnati.(Last week:#10)
  19. New York Jets(3-3)-The Jets will play float around the .500 level all year.  The D will keep the games close, but the O will not be able to push them over the edge.(Last week:#20)
  20. Buffalo Bills(3-3)-Buffalo is an explosive team.  They lack the strength and depth to compete with the elite teams.  A relatively easy matchup in Tennessee could keep them rising in the rankings. (Last week:#25)
  21. Philadelphia Eagles(3-3)-This team will need to buckle up and improve during their bye week.  A complete lack of fundamentals keeps this team a bottom feeder.  (Last week:#11)
  22. Cincinnati Bengals (3-3)-A tough loss against Cleveland displays the lack of a surrounding cast around the superstars.  The best part about playing the Steelers this week, is the home field advantage. (Last week:#18)
  23. Dallas Cowboys (2-4)-This team is much better than the rest of the bottom dwellers.  And their loss last week was to Baltimore on the road.  A must win awaits them in Carolina. (Last week:#19)
  24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers(2-3)-A convincing win over KC needs to carry over against a matchup with New Orleans.  (Last week:#26)
  25. Indianapolis Colts(2-3)-The Colts have the will to win games.  They can’t let that will slip while playing average or poor teams.  They will need to be the Browns at home next week.(Last week:#23)
  26. New Orleans Saints(1-4)-This team will be lucky to finish with an even record by the end of the year.  Their lack of leadership is showing, especially on D.  (Last week:#22)
  27. Tennessee Titans(2-4)-Tennessee doesn’t have the talent to compete.  With Britt coming back and Johnson having an up week, Tennessee could put up a fight against Buffalo. (Last week:#27)
  28. Cleveland(1-5)-The Browns get their first win.  The team is improving daily, but the termination of Holmgren may get the team on edge again. (Last week:#32)
  29. Oakland(1-4)-Oakland faces a weak Jacksonville team.  The D is playing very decent, Palmer needs to kick start the offense. (Last week:#29)
  30. Carolina(1-4)-Hopefully the bye gets this team greased to perform.  The run D is non existent and Newton needs to get the ball rolling. (Last week:#31)
  31. Kansas City(1-5)-The team is in complete self destruct mode.  The talent is there, the leadership is not.  Look for more losses throughout the season.(Last week:#28)
  32. Jacksonville(1-4)-The team has top young talent, and MJD.  However, the rest of the talent is very poor and roster depth doesn’t exist.  (Last week:#30)


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