NFL Power Rankings | Week 6

2012 NFL Week 6 Power Rankings by Tyler Lurkins

  1. Houston(5-0)/Even-The D is playing tough and the offense is as good as ever.  Houston is tough to beat but will have to face an angry Packer team.
  2. San Francisco(4-1)/+2-If the Niner offense can keep moving the ball, they’re the toughest team in the league.  Have the Giants at home this week.
  3. Atlanta(5-0)/-1-Although undefeated, Atlanta doesn’t have the ferocity to keep up with Houston and San Fran.  Easy match up with the Raiders week 6.
  4. New England(3-2)/+2-Two dominating wins in a row.  The team is in sync but must travel to the west coast to play Seattle.
  5. Minnesota(4-1)/+6-Have an easy match up against a banged up Washington team.  This team plays balanced and makes few mistakes.
  6. Baltimore(4-1)/Even-Need a convincing win against the Cowboys.  The D remains tough but Flacco isn’t leading the offense to any glory.
  7. Chicago(3-2)/+7-The team is rolling strong into their bye week.
  8. Denver(2-3)/Even-After a loss to a red hot New England team, the Broncos showed they can keep pace with the best of the league.  Attribute a tough schedule to their 3 losses, but a loss to San Diego comes with an “over-rated” tag.
  9. New York Giants(3-2)/+6-The Giants are suffering with injuries in key spots.  Even with a convincing win, the Browns were allowed to hang around too long.  A real tough match up in San Fran will show the talent level of this team.
  10. Pittsburgh(2-2)/+6-Showing their age a little too much, they can’t separate from a competitive team.  Mendenhall could be the spark Pitt needs as they travel to the Titans.
  11. Philadelphia(3-2)/-6-Vick’s constant struggles keep the team out of sync.  The heralded D is quietly playing well, but holes in the secondary need to be plugged before Detroit arrives next week.
  12. St. Louis(3-2)/+7-This team looks and plays tough.  The ferocious D is leading the way against Miami.
  13. San Diego(3-2)/-2-A loss to the Saints isn’t the worse of last week, the Bolts may be without left tackle Gaither.  A rough matchup against Denver isn’t what the team needs right now.
  14. Seattle(3-2)/+6-Had a bounce back win at Carolina.  The D is playing extremely tough and fast.   A stand has to be made against New England to warrant respect.
  15. Arizona-
  16. Indianapolis(2-2)/+8-Green Bay is a tough team.  This team is resilient and improving as Luck is taking hold of the reins.  A tough team for this growing offense against a Rex Ryan defense.
  17. Green Bay(2-3)/-4-A team with this much talent can’t lose to a young team like the Colts.  The team is shaky and uncertain and have to travel to the undefeated Texans next week.
  18. Cincinnati(3-2)/-2-Take away the run game and Dalton isn’t strong enough to lead the team downfield.  The D is fair, but has holes.  Cleveland is a must win on the schedule.
  19. Dallas(2-2)/-4-The entire team is in disarray.  Hopefully the bye week will give them an edge versus a tough Baltimore D.
  20. New York Jets(2-2)/+1
  21. Washington(2-3)/Even-The season hinges on the health of RG3.  When he’s healthy, the team can hang with anyone.  The Vikings are playing tough and will be a hard challenge for Washington.
  22. New Orleans(1-4)/+6-Another shoddy performance by the D.  It’s hard for the twelve teams beneath this point to match the explosive offense.  The bye week should give the Saints more time to solidify the team.
  23. Miami(2-3)/+6-The team is showing true explosiveness and surprise.  Still not a dominant force but Miami keeps teams on edge.  St. Louis needs to be a must win to show strength of team.
  24. Detroit(1-3)/+1-A win over Philly is a must.  An explosive team with household names has to produce a better record.  The bye week should have tuned up this explosive O and solidified the D.
  25. Buffalo(2-3)/+2-Buffalo is on hard times.  Playing rough teams is hiding the skill this team may have.  Landing in Arizona, the team needs to display its firepower.
  26. Tampa Bay(1-3)/-2-Freeman will need to pick up the pace against a reeling Chief team without their starting QB.
  27. Tennessee(1-4)/-1-Veteran leadership needs to be displayed from Johnson.  Is it the O line or did the big contract sink into his head?  The team is especially weak on D and the O will face one of the meanest D’s in the NFL.
  28. Kansas City(1-4)/-1-The Chiefs are falling apart.  Drama is at every corner.  Players calling out players, fans cheering injured QB’s, lack of depth, and lack of production.  This team plays a tough schedule and could lose their season without righting their ship in Tampa.
  29. Oakland(1-4)/+1-This team is underachieving.  The line is weak and the only true weapon seems to be McFadden.  Flying into Atlanta won’t help their struggles.
  30. Jacksonville(1-4)/+1-It’s not for lack of effort, but this team isn’t executing.  The Jags give up too many big plays and the opposing defenses are still keying up on MJD.
  31. Carolina(1-4)/-7-Newton needs to get his head together and lead the team.  The D is porous, the O is lacking explosion.  The team can’t make plays.
  32. Cleveland(0-5)/Even-This team is steadily improving, but the schedule isn’t getting easier.  Too many holes exist for this team to dig out of the cellar.




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