NFL Power Rankings | Week 17

Week 17 Power Rankings

  1.  Denver(12-3)-Denver ends the year as the NFL’s hottest team.  Manning shouldn’t see the inside of the huddle next week as the Broncos face Kansas City.(Last week:1)
  2. Green Bay(11-4)-Green Bay ends their season well after a slow start.  It will be interesting to see if the starters play against their rival Vikings next week.(Last week:2)
  3. New England(12-4)-A close win at Jacksonville, the Pats host the Dolphins in a scratch game.(Last week:5)
  4. Atlanta(13-2)-Atlanta coasts into the playoffs and will more than likely rest their stars against Tampa.(Last week:6)
  5. San Francisco(10-4-1)-No one can doubt the hardships of playing in Seattle.  However, this Niner team needs to show dominance anywhere to prove they can get a Super Bowl win.(Last week:4)
  6. Seattle(10-5)-Finishing their season at home has been a huge advantage for Seattle.  They are playoff bound and host St. Louis next.(Last week:7)
  7. Washington(9-6)-The Skins host the Cowboys in a bitter rivalry that holds their playoff fate.(Last week:8)
  8. Houston(12-3)-Two playoff teams clash next week as the Texans play Indy.  Houston needs to win to build confidence heading into the playoffs, as they’ve lost tough games this year.(Last week:3)
  9. Cincinnati(9-6)-The Bengals end strong and clinch a playoff berth.  With a lack of depth, the Bengals are best to rest their starters against the Ravens next week.(Last week:9)
  10. Indianapolis(10-5)-Indy’s rebuild is quick as they landed themselves in the playoffs.  It’s doubtful Luck sees the field as they host the Texans.(Last week:10)
  11. Minnesota(9-6)-The Vikes can make the playoffs but they have to been Green Bay at home first.(Last week:11)
  12. Baltimore(10-5)-The Ravens upend the Giants and ease into the playoffs.  Cincy hosts the Ravens next week.(Last week:12)
  13. Chicago(9-6)-The Bears put a smack on Arizona, but still need a lot of magic to make the post season.  They roll into the motor city next week in a must win.(Last week:13)
  14. New Orleans(7-8)-With an overtime win over Dallas, the Saints host the improved Panthers.(Last week:17)
  15. New York Giants(8-7)-Back to back blow outs have all but pushed the Giants from playoff contention.  The only advantage, they host the Eagles next week.(Last week:13)
  16. Carolina(6-9)-Carolina looks to stay on a roll against New Orleans next week.(Last week:18)
  17. Dallas-(7-8)-Dallas is officially eliminated from the playoffs and will look to spoiler against the Skins next week.(Last week:15)
  18. Pittsburgh(7-8)-It’s being called the “Curse of Todd Haley,” and the Steelers are out of the playoffs.(Last week:16)
  19. Miami(7-8)-Miami looks to get to a respectable .500, but they’ll have to beat the Patriots in New England.(Last week:20)
  20. St. Louis(7-7-1)-After a good defensive win in Tampa, the Rams travel to Seattle to square off against the playoff hungry Seahawks.(Last week:23)
  21. Tampa Bay(6-9)-A disappointing end to their season, Tampa plays Atlanta who will probably be resting their #1’s.(Last week:19)
  22. San Diego(6-9)-San Diego toppled the Jets at home, and now they’ll face the Raiders to close out the year.(Last week:25)
  23. New York Jets(6-9)-Sanchez and Tebow are on the outs, will Ryan be next?  The Jets need to close out with a win in Buffalo.(Last week:22)
  24. Cleveland(5-10)-Cleveland picked up their play in midseason, but are slowly dropping back to reality.  A good close it is needed against Pittsburgh.(Last week:24)
  25. Buffalo(5-10)-It may be time for a shakeup in Buffalo after a loss to the Fins.  The Bills get the Jets to close out the season.(Last week:26)
  26. Tennessee(5-10)-The Titans get blown out by the Pack and will have to face a lowly, but surprising Jaguar team next.(Last week:21)
  27. Arizona(5-10)-A different QB, but the same result.  San Fran entertains Arizona in the season finale.(Last week:28)
  28. Detroit(4-11)-With Johnson’s record intact, it will be interesting to see if Detroit puts up a fight against Chicago next week.(Last week:29)
  29. Philadelphia(4-11)-Reid has lost his last game in Philly, and may not see the field next week in New Jersey.(Last week:27)
  30. Oakland(4-11)-Oakland will look to rebuild again after a loss to Carolina and another one looming next week against the Chargers.(Last week:30)
  31. Jacksonville(2-13)-The Jags are already looking to next year with Tebow.  They should look to stay lean against the Titans next week.(Last week:31)
  32. Kansas City(2-13)-Without a backup to Peyton Manning, the Chiefs may have a chance against Denver next week.(Last week:32)

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