NFL Power Rankings: Week 16

Week 16 Power Rankings

By Tyler Lurkins

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1. New England-The Pats host a solid Bills team and close the year against the Jets.  There

shouldn’t be a reason they finish the season anywhere but on top.

2. Denver-Denver travels to a play a tough Cincy team.

3. Arizona-Another big win, but another injured QB.  The Cardinals are on cruise control, but still

face Seattle and San Fran to end the year.

4. Detroit-Detroit holds the division for now.  Who cares about next week, it’s all about the week

17 matchup versus Green B ay.

5. Green Bay-There is no excuse for a loss BUT, Jordy Nelson did botch a couple of easy balls.  The

Bucs should be a tune up game next week, for the real matchup against the Lions on week 17.

6. Seattle-The sky is the limit for the Seahawks.  They’re finally healthy and rolling along.

7. Indianapolis-Indy keeps winning, albeit unconvincingly.   The head down to Dallas for an

offensive display.

8. Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh is still a team that wavers.  A big win against the Chiefs could cement the

team moral into the playoffs.

9. Dallas-Dallas may have ripped into the Eagles, but they did surrender a ton of points.  This team

needs to get both sides of the ball humming at the same time.

10. Kansas City-A good team will have KC figured out, especially since Smith can’t find a receiver in

the end zone.  For the Chiefs to smell the playoffs, they’ll need to topple Pittsburgh and San


11. Philadelphia-The good news for the Eagles is they play Washington and the Giants.  The bad

news remains that Sanchez is currently the QB. 

12. Cincinnati-The Bengals should be thrilled Cleveland couldn’t shut down the run game, because

Dalton looked fairly miserable in the passing game.  A middle of the pack team, the playoffs are

bleak for Cincy.

13. Baltimore-The Ravens are still in the hunt, and face the Texans and Browns to close out the year.

14. Buffalo-Buffalo has really played terrific this year.  Correcting a couple of mistakes in prior

games could have had them in the playoffs.  For now, they’ll look to close out strong against the

Raiders and New England, who will likely have their starters benched.

15. San Diego-San Diego has battled, and have won the games they should have, but hang on by a

fingernail to a playoff berth. 

16. Miami-The Fins choked away the playoffs this year.  They host a surprising Vikings team, and a

subpar Jets team to shoot for .500.

17. Houston-Houston exceeded most expectations for the year.  If they add a couple of pieces in the

secondary, and a QB, the Texans will be very potent in 2015.

18. Carolina-Carolina had the poll position in the division for now.  Yet they have to topple a tough

Cleveland D and division foe Atlanta.

19. Cleveland-The Browns would have benefited from the veteran presence of Hoyer.  Manziel

looked like a Pop Warner QB.  The Browns end the season in tough fashion, needing to go

through Carolina and Baltimore.

20. Minnesota-The Vikings silently stay competitive in every game, growing every snap of the game. 

They look to battle to .500 against the Dolphins and Bears.

21. St. Louis-The D is solid, against subpar QB’s.  The Rams really need to seek out a QB, not named

Bradford, next year.

22. San Francisco-It’s not the game plan, it’s the holier than though attitude of Kaepernick  that is

destroying the Niners.  Their playoff hopes are officially over.

23. New Orleans-If the Saints can blow past the Falcons and Bucs, they have a shot at squeaking into

the playoffs.

24. New York Giants-A decent win against the struggling Redskins, but the transitioning Giants still

face St. Louis and Philly.

25. Atlanta-Injuries and poor play derailed the Falcons all year.  They’ll need to retool next year.

26. Chicago-Another poor showing by Chicago may lead to new leadership being brought in.  After

an embarrassing game to the Saints, the Bears get the Lions and the Vikings.

27. New York Jets-A little win against the Titans won’t save the Jets from the bottom of the barrel. 

They’ll look to add a QB for next season.

28. Washington-Sure the Skins have issues at QB, but they main issue is the horrid defense.  It’s

time for a change in coordinators and scheme.

29. Tampa Bay-Bad news for the Buccos, they have to take on an angry Packer team, followed by an

explosive Saints team.

30. Jacksonville-A close look at Jacksonville does show a very solid root base.  The can close the

season with two winnable games versus the Titans and Texans.

31. Oakland-Oakland looked decent for a half, and the train came off the rails against the Chiefs. 

Another disappointing year for the Raiders.

32. Tennessee-The Titans get the bottom of the rankings after a loss to the hapless Jets.

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