NFL Power Rankings | Week 14

2012 NFL Power Rankings

By Tyler Lurkins

    1.  Denver(10-3)-Still arguably the toughest team in football.  Their D is stout, and so many players are evolving as weapons on offense.  After a win against Tampa, Oakland should be easy for this team.(Last week:1)
    2. New England(10-3)-A less than convincing win at Miami could be a preview the Pats were planning ahead for the 1 loss Texans next week.(Last week:2)
    3. Houston(11-1)-Seemingly back on the track, the Texan’s too their win over Tennessee and will face a dangerous Patriot team next week.(Last week:3)
    4. Atlanta(11-1)-Atlanta took down their rival New Orleans and travel to Carolina next week which should be an easy win.(Last week:6)
    5. Green Bay(8-4)-The Pack continues to roll through opponents and will face the underperforming Lions next.(Last week:8)
    6. San Francisco(8-3-1)-The lack of depth on defense will keep the Niners vulnerable to run heavy teams.  They’ll look to reload against the struggling Dolphins.(Last week:4)
    7. Cincinnati(7-5)-The Bengals are refusing to lose as they continue to hunt for a playoff spot.  They’ll host a talent Cowboys team next week.(Last week:9)
    8. Baltimore(9-3)-A great team can not lose to a team missing their starting QB.  Baltimore failed to stop the Steelers and will have to win next week as they travel to Washington.(Last week:5)
    9. Chicago(8-4)-In this tight division, Chicago can’t afford any more losses.  They gave the game to a tough Seattle team, and will have to square off against Minnesota next.(Last week:7)
    10. Indianapolis(8-4)-After coming back against Detroit, Indy finds themselves in the middle of a playoff hunt.  They’ll need to be consistent and defeat the Titans next week.(Last week:12)
    11. Washington(6-6)-Washington is in a dog fight for the playoffs and RG3 is leading the way.  To be relevant, they’ll need to beat a prominent Raven team.(Last week:13)
    12. Pittsburgh(7-5)-Proving they can win without Big Ben, the Steelers host an underachieving Charger team next week.  Every game is a must win for Pitt.(Last week:15)
    13. Seattle(7-5)-Proving they belong in the playoffs, Seattle bested Chicago on the road.  They’ll host a much weaker Cardinals team next week as they continue to sit on the playoff bubble.(Last week:16)
    14. New York Giants(7-5)-Losing to Washington is not hard to do.  This team needs to become more balanced as they host the Saints next week.(Last week:10)
    15. Tampa Bay(6-6)-The Bucs took a tough loss in Denver.  They’re still not completely out of the playoff picture and will stay competitive against the Eagles next week.(Last week:14)
    16. New Orleans(5-7)-The Saints are balancing out, but it may be too late for them.  They’ll look to stay focused as the travel to play a tough Giants team.(Last week:11)
    17. Dallas(6-6)-It’s hard to place the streaky Cowboys.  They squeak by Philly, and have to face a solid Cincinnati team next week.  Playoff hopes are still alive in the Big D.(Last week:19)
    18. Minnesota(6-6)-After failing to closeout Green Bay, Minnesota hosts Chicago in a must win for both teams.(Last week:17)
    19. Buffalo(5-7)-The Bills convincingly worked over the Jaguars.  They have the firepower, but need to continue to put it all together as they host the Rams.(Last week:24)
    20. St. Louis(5-6-1)-After toppling the Niners, the Rams need to continue to show improvement as they fly to Buffalo to challenge the Bills.(Last week:22)
    21. Cleveland(4-8)-Cleveland could as easily be .500 as they are 4-8.  They have hung tight against tough teams and host the reeling Chiefs next.(Last week:23)
    22. Detroit(4-9)-The Lions are showing the firepower on offense, but can’t close games.  They’ll look to play spoiler against the Pack next week.(Last week:18)
    23. San Diego(4-8)-The Chargers may not have the team that will look to stay strong after they’ve realized their season is over.  The Steelers are hungry and the Bolts need to show they are still united.(Last week:21)
    24. Miami(5-7)-The Fins hung around against the Pats but will face an angry 49er defense next week.(Last week:20)
    25. Tennessee(4-8)-The Titans just can’t seem to put it all together.  They’ll look to play an exciting Colts team tough on the road.(Last week:25)
    26. New York Jets(5-7)-A win can be embarrassing.  The Jets proved that Sunday against Arizona and will play an equally poor team in Jacksonville next.(Last week:28)
    27. Philadelphia(3-9)-The Eagles may have lost, but have played looked much better against Dallas.  They’ll look to finish strong for Andy Reid against Tampa.(Last week:31)
    28. Carolina(3-9)-It’s hard to expect a win against Atlanta when Carolina couldn’t put away the worse team in the league.(Last week:26)
    29. Oakland(3-9)-The Browns are not as bad as they’re record, but not nearly as good as Denver.  It will be a tough road for Oakland as they host Denver.(Last week:30)
    30. Jacksonville(2-10)-Jacksonville couldn’t do anything against Buffalo.  They’ll host the Jets for the NFL’s suckfest of the week.(Last week:27)
    31. Arizona(4-8)-Arizona’s woes will continue as they travel to the loudest stadium in the NFL.(Last week:29)
    32. Kansas City(2-10)-The Chiefs face the Browns next week.(Last week:32)

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