NFL Power Rankings | Week 13

Week 13 NFL Power Rankings

By Tyler Lurkins

1. Denver(8-3)-This team continues to win. They host Tampa next week in a great matchup, and a must win.(Last week:1)
2. New England(8-3)-After smoking the Jets, the ease of schedule continues as the surging Pats face the Fins in Miami.(Last week:3)
3. Houston(10-1)-After a win on a poor decision by the Lion’s coach, Schwartz, the Texans travel to Tennessee. It’s not that they are a bad team, but it’s obvious their holes have been exposed the last two weeks.(Last week:2)
4. Baltimore
5. San Francisco
6. Green Bay
7. Atlanta(10-1)-After duking it out with Tampa, the Falcons will have to face an even more explosive offense in New Orleans.(Last week:6)
8. Chicago(8-3)-A healthy Cutler makes this team dangerous, but how will Seattle play after a tough road loss next week?(Last week:10)
9. New Orleans
10. Indianapolis(7-4)-Indy is a tough team to rank. Yet they win the games they need to win and will travel to the Motor City next week to face a vengeful Lions team.(Last week:17)
11. Cincinnati(6-5)-Cincy keeps scrapping away for a wild card spot. They’ll have to win on the west coast against and always dangerous Charger team.(Last week:15)
12. Tampa Bay(5-6)-A gritty loss to Atlanta, and now the Bucs have to travel to the Manning lead Broncos next week.(Last week:10)
13. Washington(5-6)-The Skins have a chance to be relevant in the playoff hunt if they can beat up on the Giants next week.(Last week:14)
14. Pittsburgh(6-5)-Without Big Ben, the Steelers playoff hopes are fading. They’ll face the Ravens again next week in a must win.(Last week:12)
15. New York Giants
16. Seattle(6-5)-Seattle needs to learn to win on the road. More bad news, they travel to Chicago next week.(Last week:8)
17. Minnesota(6-5)-Still in the hunt for a playoff spot, the hot and cold Vikes travel to Green Bay in a tough NFC north matchup.(Last week:13)
18. Detroit(4-7)-It’s obvious Detroit can do nothing more than play spoiler. They’ll host Indy next week.(Last week:19)
19. Dallas(5-6)-Even with a losing record, the Boys have a slim chance to make the playoffs. The fading Eagles come to town next week, Dallas will need to win out.(Last week:18)
20. San Diego
21. Miami(5-6)-The Dolphins scraped out a win but will have to play a surging Patriots team next week.(Last week:24)
22. St. Louis
23. Cleveland(3-8)-Cleveland is not as bad as their record shows, but they’ll need to put some authority down in Oakland next week to prove that theory.(Last week:27)
24. Carolina
25. Buffalo(4-7)-Another tough loss will probably lead to a shakeup in Buffalo. They can’t fall asleep as they host Jacksonville next week.(Last week:22)
26. Tennessee(4-7)-Tennessee failed to close a game down again and have to host the tough Texans next week.(Last week:23)
27. Jacksonville(2-9)-Jacksonville has found a way to be competitive with explosive offensive play. They’ll need to continue their surge against a reeling Bills team.(Last week:31)
28. New York Jets(4-7)-A great win in St. Louis is followed by an egg laying against New England. The Jets host the Cardinals next week.(Last week:21)
29. Arizona
30. Oakland(3-8)-Oakland continues to play very poorly, especially on defense. The Browns come to town next week and Oakland should stack up well against a very methodical offense.(Last week:30)
31. Philadelphia
32. Kansas City(1-10)-The Chiefs continue to lose. Even if they beat the Panther s next week, they should remain as the worst team in the NFL.

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