NFL Power Rankings | Week 12

The 2012 NFL Power Rankings with the Denver Broncos a top the charts.

By Tyler Lurkins

    1.  Denver(7-3)-Power rankings are not set due to record.  At the end of the week, who is the best team.  Denver is playing tough as Manning is leading them to the post season.(Last week:2)
    2. Houston(9-1)-A team that wishes to have playoff success needs to put away a team like Jacksonville.  Houston travels to Detroit and they will hope their holes haven’t been exposed too much.(Last week:1)
    3. New England(7-3)-Indy isn’t a team to be taken lightly.  A win this week sends the Pats to New York to face the Jets.(Last week:5)
    4. Baltimore(8-2)-Even though the Steelers have a steady D, the Ravens still needed to show more authority going into a playoff push.  They need to stop San Diego next week.(Last week:4)
    5. Green Bay(7-3)-After a tough win over Detroit, the Pack will need to put it on the Giants.  This game will have major playoff implications for both teams.(Last week:6)
    6. Atlanta(9-1)-Matt Ryan struggled heavily against a reeling Arizona team.  That’s hard to overlook as the Falcons move into Tampa to face a surging Buccaneer team.(Last week:7)
    7. San Francisco(7-2-1)-The offense looks more explosive with Koepernick at the helm.  The D will need to remain tough as the Niners travel to New Orleans.(Last week:8)
    8. Seattle(6-4)-Can a West Coast team travel to Miami and win?  With playoff hopes alive, Seattle will need to come off their bye prepared to beat a struggling Miami team.(Last week:10)
    9. Tampa Bay(5-5)-This team simply won’t go away.  They fight til the end, but their true test will come while hosting Atlanta next week.(Last week:11)
    10. Chicago(7-3)-It’s apparent the Bears will need Cutler as they take on the tough D of Minnesota next.(Last week:3)
    11. New Orleans(5-5)-The Saints offense keeps churning.  San Fran comes in to town with their smash mouth D, but Brees should find a way to win.(Last week:17)
    12. Pittsburgh(6-4)-Leftwich just didn’t push the ball down the field well.  Plus, he looks banged up.  Pittsburgh just isn’t the same without Big Ben.  They travel to Cleveland this week.(Last week:9)
    13. Minnesota(6-4)-The Vikes may get lucky, they travel to Chicago, after their bye, to face Chicago with a healing Culter.(Last week:12)
    14. Washington(4-6)-Washington travels on short rest to Dallas.  Dispatched a poor Philly team like a good team should.(Last Week:14)
    15. Cincinnati(5-5)-The Bengals took out the horrible Chiefs and will now face an equally poor team in Oakland(Last week:15)
    16. New York Giants(6-4)-After the bye, the Giants will host the powerful Packers.  It will be a make or break game for New York.(Last week:16)
    17. Indianapolis(6-4)-Even though it was a loss, Indy played decent in a hostile environment.  They’ll host Buffalo next week.(Last week:13)
    18. Dallas(5-5)-Dallas should have lost Sunday.  They’ll need to improve their game as they host Washington next week.(Last week:18)
    19. Detroit(4-6)-Detroit played the Pack tough.  Now they’ll face Houston who’s D played very poorly against the Jags.(Last week:19)
    20. San Diego(4-6)-After a tough loss to Denver, San Diego will host the Ravens.(Last week:22)
    21. New York Jets(4-6)-Sanchez looked impressive against the Rams defense.  The team will have to play much better against the Patriots.(Last week:25)
    22. Buffalo(4-6)-It will be very rough for the Bills to make the playoffs.  They’ll need to go to Indy and win to be considered in the hunt.(Last week:23)
    23. Tennessee(4-6)-The Titans travel to Jacksonville.  It should be a great warm up game for Locker after the bye week.(Last week:24)
    24. Miami(4-6)-The Dolphins woes continue.  They’ll host a mean Seattle team.(Last week:20)
    25. St. Louis(3-5-1)-After a great battle against the Niners, the Rams lay an egg versus the Jets.  They’ll travel to Arizona in what will be a pretty decent matchup.(Last week:21)
    26. Arizona(4-6)-Arizona refused to quit against Atlanta.  They’ll host a slipping Rams team next.(Last week:29)
    27. Cleveland(2-8)-Cleveland looks good as a team.  They just needed to finish against Dallas.  They’ll host the banged up Steelers next week.(Last week:27)
    28. Carolina(2-8)-Carolina played Tampa tough.  They could squeak out a win against Philly, who is in disarray.(Last week:28)
    29. Philadelphia(3-7)-Philly is lost.  The leadership is gone and the team just doesn’t have the talent due to injury.  They’ll face a weaker defense against Carolina next week.(Last week:26)
    30. Oakland(3-7)-Oakland continues their losing slide.  Cincinnati is up next, and they’ve pulled out a couple of big wins.(Last week:30)
    31. Jacksonville(1-9)-Almost doesn’t count, by Jacksonville almost toppled the Texans.  Hosting the Titans, they could steal a win.(Last week:32)
    32. Kansas City(1-9)-Kansas City will continue to sit at the bottom as they host a tough Denver team next week.(Last week:31)

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