NFL Power Rankings | Week 11

The NFL Power Rankings for Week 11

By Tyler Lurkins

  1. Houston(8-1)-Even with an injured Cutler, Houston pulled out a win in Chicago with adverse weather conditions.  The D buckled but didn’t break, and Foster carried the team on his back.(Last week:2)
  2. Denver(6-3)-Denver is looking tough to beat.  This team plays very balanced on both sides of the ball and are very confident.  After an easy win at Carolina they play host to the reeling Chargers.(Last Week:5)
  3. Chicago(7-2)-Chicago shouldn’t be penalized in the rankings for a loss to Houston.  The weather was bad, the D did their part, and Cutler took a shot to the head.  The true test for Chicago is the game against San Fran next week.(Last week:3)
  4. Baltimore(7-2)-Baltimore will need to beat the improving Steelers after a very vindictive win against the Raiders.(Last  week:8)
  5. New England(6-3)-After a less than convincing win against the Bills, the Pats need to hold off a hungry Colts team.(Last week:6)
  6. Green Bay(6-3)-The Pack have used their bye week to prepare for a very disappointing Lions team.(Last week:7)
  7. Atlanta(8-1)-The perfect season comes to an end against one of the tougher offenses in the league.  They’ll need a bounce back win versus Arizona next week.(Last week:1)
  8. San Francisco(6-2-1)-The Niners need to be more convincing at home against teams with a losing record.  They have a chance to redeem themselves against a great Bears team next week.(Last week:4)
  9. Pittsburgh(6-3)-Pittsburgh is right back in the thick of things with a win versus KC.  To be relevant, they’ll need to up end a spirited Ravens squad.(Last week:9)
  10. Seattle(6-4)-The Seahawks take the victory in a must win situation.  They’ll head to their bye and prepare to keep their playoff hopes alive.(Last week:11)
  11. Tampa Bay(5-4)-This Buc offense is moving the ball well.  To keep pace in the NFC south, they need to be the Panthers next week.(Last week:15)
  12. Minnesota(6-4)-A great win over the Lions keeps playoff hopes alive going into the bye week.(Last week:13)
  13. Indianapolis(6-3)-After a scrimmage game against the Jaguars, the Colts will face a true challenge travelling to New England.(Last week:14)
  14. Washington(5-4)-The Skins come off their bye to face an injury riddled Philadelphia team.(Last week:16)
  15. Cincinnati(4-5)-Cincy’s reward for a great win over the Giants is hosting the down trodden Chiefs.(Last week:18)
  16. New York Giants(6-4)-The G Men head into their bye week to lick their wounds from two straight losses.(Last week:10)
  17. New Orleans(4-6)-It’s hard to judge the Saints with the defense being so horrendous for most of the year.  They knock off the undefeated Falcons and travel to a poor Oakland team.(Last week:24)
  18. Dallas(4-6)-Dallas flexed their muscles against an ailing Philly team.  They need to keep their heads on straight as they host a surprising Cleveland team.(Last week:20)
  19. Detroit(4-5)-It looked as though the Lions were back in gear.  After a rough loss to the Vikings, they’ll need to take on the Pack at Lambeau.(Last week:12)
  20. Miami(4-5)-Miami is very feast or famine.  After being blown out by the Titans, the Fins travel to Buffalo who looked very good against the Pats.(Last week:17)
  21. St. Louis(3-5-1)-The Rams have their spark plug, Amendola, back.  They’ll host a discouraged Jets team.(Last week:23)
  22. San Diego(4-5)-After falling to Tampa, will Norv Turner have a job when the Chargers travel to Denver?(Last week:19)
  23. Buffalo(3-6)-Even with a loss, the Bills will rise some in the rankings.  They played the Pats well and will go head to head with an up and down Miami team.(Last week:26)
  24. Tennessee(4-6)-After a blowout of Miami, Tennessee rides high into their bye week with a healthy Jake Locker.(Last week:27)
  25. New York Jets(3-6)-The Jets can’t seem to get their game in check.  They fly to St. Louis to play a newly inspired, and healthier Rams team.(Last week:22)
  26. Philadelphia(3-6)-It’s a sad end to Reid’s tenure in Philly.  With an offense in shambles and poor defense performances, the Eagles go to Washington.(Last week:21)
  27. Cleveland(2-7)-Hopefully the Browns used their bye week to formulate a plan to beat the Cowboys in Dallas(Last week:25)
  28. Carolina(2-7)-After a loss to a tough Denver team, the Panthers need to improve against a Bucs team fighting for the playoffs.(Last week:27)
  29. Arizona(4-5)-Arizona flies to the east coast to face an angry Falcons team.(Last week:30)
  30. Oakland(3-6)-Oakland seems to be losing more control as the season moves on.  The explosive sants come to town next week.(Last week:28)
  31. Kansas City(1-8)-Finally an effort was put forth by the Chiefs.  Injuries or not, the Steelers are a rough team to play against in Pittsburgh.  The Chiefs need to keep the momentum going as they host the Bengals.(Last week:32)
  32. Jacksonville(1-9)-Right when it looked like the Jags were at least improving, they show absolutely no talent against Indy.  Now they travel to Houston, and it only gets worse.

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