NFL Power Rankings: End of Week 14

NFL Power Rankings for end of week 14

By Hunter Stewart


1.  Green Bay Packers- The defense has been playing better and the offense is running on all cylinders. At this time I would say the Green Bay Packers have to be the super bowl favorites.

2. New England- The Patriots every year start a little shaky and then take off. The offense once again is the strength but all together they are a very very good team.

3. Denver – The Broncos may not be the 3rd best team in the NFL but they are really good and even when Peyton doesn’t play well they still are very good on offense.

4. Dallas – This may be a little high… but with Demarco Murray and Dez Bryant this team has enough talent.

5.  Seattle – The Seahawks are defensive minded and their offense is good enough to win it all.

6. Arizona – They keep getting by with average quarterback play. I don’t know that they will end this high but they deserve to be this high at this time.

7. Indianapolis- They flash greatness and also flash very mediocre play. It depends on what team shows up.

8.  Philadelphia- The Eagles have a good coach and scheme. I don’t know how far they will go with Sanchez but Chip is doing well.

9.Pittsburgh  – The Steelers are playing well lately and so is Big Ben. This team could end up surprising people.

10. Detroit – The Lions have a good defense and a good enough offense with some run presence.

11. Miami- The Dolphins are great some weeks and not so much on others.

12. San Diego – The Chargers go as Rivers goes –

13. Cincinnati- Earlier in the year they were considered the top team… now they are middle of the pack.

14.Kansas City- The Chiefs have a good run game but Alex Smith limits them

15. San Francisco- So much talent but they cannot put it all together.

16. Atlanta- The Falcons are in the playoff race they just have to keep winning.

17. Baltimore- Good team with potential but not great.

18. Cleveland- The Browns are good some weeks. Hoyer limits them vastly.

19. Houston- The Texans are a good team but with Fitzpatrick at the QB position they aren’t going anywhere.

20. New Orleans- They are such a weird team because they have a ton of offensive talent but cannot win games. Their defense is very bad.

21. Minnesota- The Vikings have a rookie QB their time is the future not now.

22. St. Louis- The Rams are good enough to beat bad teams and stay in games.

23. Buffalo – They may beat the Raiders but other then that I think they will lose out .

24. Chicago- The Bears have a ton of talent but are just a bad team.

25. Carolina- Like many of these other teams they have a lot of the pieces but can’t win game .

27. New York Giants- The Giants are not very good but can beat bad teams.

27-32. Washington, Tampa Bay,Tennessee, Jacksonville, New York Jets, Oakland- These 5 teams are the bottom of the bottom and I don’t want to have to specifically rank them. All of them are bad.

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