New Orleans Saints 7 Round Mock Draft 3-4 edition

With the New Orleans shifting to a 3-4 base defense, here is a new 7-Round Mock Draft

By Peter Shaw

Updated 1/28/2013

-Round 1-

Ezekiel Ansah – (OLB, BYU)

New Orleans had the worst statistical defense in NFL history in terms of yards allowed. They had no pass rush and could not stop the run. They have 2011 3rd round pick Martez Wilson (6’5, 255) for one outside linebacker position but need an accomplice for the other side. Insert Ansah the 6’7”, 270 pound athletic freak. This could be a powerful core and Ansah has the potential to have the effect Aldon Smith does in San Francisco.

-Round 2-

Forfeited – Bounty Scandal…This pick may be reinstated by Goodell.

-Round 3-

Brennan Williams – (OT, UNC)

Jermon Bushrod is a free agent and New Orleans has no cap room. Even if they create cap room to hold him another year or two, they need a right tackle as Zack Streif is terrible and they never received any inclination that Charles Brown is ready to step up. Brennan Williams has 1st round potential that drops to the third round due to his injuries.

-Round 4-

Baker Steinkuhler – DE, Nebraska

In the process of building the new 3-4 base defense the Saints have one defensive end, Cameron Jordan but need someone on the right side. Steinkuhler has 1st – 2nd round potential but a lackluster senior season and injury toward the end of the year drops him into the 4th round. He is listed at 6’6”, 290; the same measurements as J.J. Watt.

-Round 5-

Zavier Gooden – (MLB, Missouri)

Gooden may have been situated somewhere between the 5th and 7th round. After a quality showing at the Senior Bowl and what may be a very good combine this may be great value in the 5th round. New Orleans is going to have to look for quick thumpers in the middle of the linebacking group. The Saints also need to get young.

-Round 6-

Micah Hyde – (CB, Iowa)

Micah Hyde had 2nd round potential in his sophomore year, however he hasn’t had the junior and senior year production expected which dropped his stock dramatically. I still believe that his combine will dictate just how late in the draft he drops. Right nw I have him in the 6th round. The Saints could use an infusion of cover corners and safeties. With the supposed waiving of Roman Harper (play and cap casualty) and the move for Malcolm Jenkins from free safety to strong safety I think the big push for secondary will be the 2014 draft as 2013 focuses on front seven.

-Round 7-

Will Compton – (MLB, Nebraska)

Compton is a solid linebacker with pretty decent production in Nebraska. He can be brought in to add depth and possibly compete for some playing time. He will be a good addition to the special teams early in his rookie season, possibly for his career.


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