Mike Glennon | 2013 NFL Draft Prospect Profile

Mike Glennon 2013 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Mike Glennon, QB, NC State

Height: 6’5

Weight: 235 lbs


Arm strength

Good, quick delivery

Pocket awareness & footwork above average

Almost always steps up in pocket when facing outside pressure

Drives ball off back foot most of the time

Moblity & accuracy outside the pocket on the move

When shoulders are squared & driving ball off back foot the velocity on his passes are great

On short to intermediate crossing routes almost always hits receiver in stride


Makes questionable decisions

Forces ball into tight areas

Sometimes stares down receivers leading to turnovers

Inconsistent accuracy on mid-deep routes will go from elite to awful on any given snap

Underestimates arm strength needed to push ball outside numbers

Player Comparison: Matt Ryan


Don’t get this comparison mixed up. Matt Ryan coming out of Boston College had his flaws as well and that’s the comparison I see with Mike Glennon right now at this point in Glennon’s career. Glennon has very good size and arm strength and may be the top QB when it comes to pocket awareness in this draft class. My main concern with Glennon right now is his accuracy. He is inconsistent on intermediate to deep routes as well as pushing the ball outside the numbers. If he fixes the accuracy and questionable decision making issues he could become a franchise QB similar to the caliber of Matt Ryan right now. Geno Smith is still my top QB available but Glennon is 2nd and a strong combine could persuade some GM to take him over Smith, possibly inside the top ten.

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