Matt Barkley | 2013 NFL Mock Draft

Matt Barkley, QB

College: USC

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 230 lbs

Projected pick:  Top 15 Pick

08/20/2011: It seems as though the top QB that is going to be off the board in the 2012 NFL Mock Draft is going to be Andrew Luck out of Stanford. The 2nd Quarterback off the board in the 2012 NFL Mock Draft seems to currently be between Matt Barkley and Landry Jones out of Oklahoma. I currently think that Landry Jones has a slight edge over Barkley because a lot of people see him in the mold of Sam Bradford who has been good so far in the NFL. However, a lot of people will like Matt Barkley over Landry Jones because he is currently in a pro style offense and that is was NFL analysts like to see.

So now that I have analyzed the QB situation I will talk about Matt Barkley and his NFL Draft status. I think that Matt Barkley will be a top 15 pick in the 2012 NFL Mock Draft and I currently have him in the top 5 of my current 2012 NFL Mock Draft. The teams that I currently seeing going after a QB in the 2012 NFL Draft are the Washington Redskins, Buffalo Bills and potentially the Denver Broncos depending on the Tim Tebow/Kyle Orton experiment. So all in all I think that Matt Barkley will be drafted high in the 2012 NFL Draft and until he shows me some reason to move him he will be my 3rd rated QB in my 2012 NFL Mock Draft from here moving forward.

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