Marcus Lattimore Declared for the 2013 NFL Mock Draft

Should have Marcus Lattimore declared for the NFL Draft?

It was recently announced that Marcus Lattimore will enter the 2013 NFL Draft. A lot of different draft analysts and radio personalities have been giving their input on this decision to  go pro. Lets take a look back at Lattimore before his 2 knee injuries. He was the best RB in college football and was considered to be on pace to be the next Adrian Peterson. He than had his knee injury which sidelined him but he made a pretty good recovery from it. He was having a pretty good season and was on pace to be most likely a first three round selection in the 2013 NFL draft based on his combine and knee status. However, he had a terrible injury this year in his other knee that was not injured. The injury looked terrible on tape and wasn’t much better in the diagnosis. The two views of thought are one go back to school and get a degree while rehabbing with the team and the trainers. The second school of thought is declare for the NFL draft and hopefully get the top tier trainers in the business (like someone that helped rehab Adrian Peterson) to help him rehab and for him to get a pay day. I personally think he has the drive and will power to rehab the question is can his body hold up. I am not going to rip him for any decision he makes but at this point seeing as he is not healthy I think that he should have gone back to school gotten his degree and rehabbed. If he is healthy enough to play it won’t hurt him to give his body another year to heal and recover from the atrocious injury he had. All said and done I loved watching him play before his first injury and I even enjoyed watching him play after the first injury. I really hope for himself that he is able to play again because he is such a good kid and a tremendous talent.

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